Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lovin' Sunday

Oh my. Today is a good day.

I'm lovin:

---the party we threw last night. What perfect weather, fellowship and fun! Here are some sneak peeks! (I don't have access to all the pics yet.)

---the time I spent around the fire with Cameron after everyone left and some of the mess was cleaned up. We hadn't eaten our dinner yet (isn't that usually how it goes when you're the hosts??) so we filled our plates and got the fire going again. We talked about the party, us and the future.

---the plans we have for today! Corn Maze and Pumpkin patch!!! Markin' stuff off my fall list!!!


---how clean my house is.... There's a bunch of clutter from the party that needs returned to its owners or spot in our house (not lovin' that part! haha) but for the most part, the house is clean!! Vacuumed, dusted, organized.... it's all done.

Dontcha love the aftermath of a party?? All the random stuff to put back....

---that I figured out how to decorate my large wall in the front room. I've wanted to do a gallery wall, but haven't wanted to invest in all the frames..... so--- I'm going to leave up my clothesline, but switch it out with pics of us, our families, friends, etc.

---that we're getting our roof fixed this week.

No more roll-y roof.

---that my brain is already switching gears to the next two parties I have a part in!!!

---that I can put the rest of my fall decor up in the house.

---that I've had another week with my loved ones. After a tragic accident in a neighboring community, I squeeze my loved ones a little longer during our goodbyes. I'm grateful with each day with them.

Until next time..

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