Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall List....

Have you caught on that I love fall?!?!?!
Here's my fall to-do list.

Carve pumpkins
Pick apples
Drink cider
Go on a hayride
Eat pumpkin pie
Sit by a fire
Play and take pictures in the leaves
Give out Halloween treats
Bake pumpkin bread
Watch a football game
Make apple butter
Make a wreath
Cook a hearty soup
Drive to see fall foliage
Breathe in the aromas
Wear boots and a scarf
Buy mums
Go to a craft show
Snuggle under a blanket
Decorate the front porch
Donate to a food bank
Open the windows and let the breeze blow through
Go to Hoosier Hysteria (We opted out this year to participate in a once in a lifetime thing)

Several more of these will be marked off in the next couple of weeks and I'm pretty excited about it!!!
I hope September is bringing you all kinds of fall festivities, too!

Until next time....

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