Thursday, September 6, 2012

Just a little thing....

Today, while shopping at a sport store, I went to the checkout with my very expensive 3-pack of running socks and got behind a group of middle school aged boys dressed in football attire. I had heard several of them on the phone with parents asking for a few dollars... I have no idea what for, but it was important to them. Between the group of boys they put together a few dollars and picked something out.

When the item was scanned, the boys commented about how they had just enough money.... but when the cashier told the amount (once tax was added) they stood looking at each other. They didn't have enough money. They then turned to me and the boy that had been handling the transaction told me to go ahead of them. I simply asked, "how much money do you need?" and the boy answered, "41cents" and then showed me that he actually had a handful of change and said that he didn't even need all of the 41cents. I reached in my purse and handed him a $1 bill. The boys politely thanked me, paid for their purchase, handed me my change and walked off before thanking me two more times.

When I walked to the checkout, the cashier thanked me for what I had done and I replied that I've been in the same situation and know how it feels. As I stood paying for my socks, I got choked up thinking about the situation....

Never once did the boys complain to the cashier, get an attitude or even ask for money. Then, when they got the change back from my dollar, he didn't take the 'profit' but instead returned it to me. Not only this, but they were so polite about thanking me several times....... This was an eye-opening situation for me because just hours before I was complaining about the manners that the younger generation show and what I fear the world will come to.....

Like I said, I have no idea what they bought, but it made their day. This may be something so simple to everyone else, but it was just what I needed today.... A reminder of manners, respect and good deeds.

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