Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Real Quick!

Hey Ya'll! I just wanted to bop in for a minute to let ya know that I haven't left Blogger World (that totally just made me think of the show Bobby's World... anyone remember that?!?!).... Anyway... I haven't left the blog, I have just been the busiest I've EVER been in my life in the past month. I've been working at least 55+ hours a week, continuing Insanity (Day 31 by the way! Wooohoo!), trying to spend as much time as I can with Cam between our busy schedules, continue running on my own and with the running club I volunteer with to help young girls learn to run, visit with family and do what little housework I can get done around the house--- which isn't much at this point..... so by the time I crawl into bed at night, I'm exhausted... and the blog just doesn't get much love right now..... I know, terribly sad. : (  I hope things will slow down around the end of May when school lets out and Insanity is over for a little bit (until I start round 3!!)..... I have so many things to blog about! Easter, my birthday, my birthday festivities, my favorites, the running club, good deals I've found, some new styles I'm trying........  (I've been so busy that I've not even been to Wal-Mart in almost two weeks.... if you know me well, then you know that that is probably a RECORD!)

Thanks for checking in!
Until Next Time--- which will hopefully be SOON!