Monday, April 30, 2012

My struggles..

Within this new lifestyle that I am growing accustomed to, I'm still having some struggles and challenges....

My main weakness is a sweet, late-night snack just before bed. Heck, I even served milk and cookies at 11 o'clock during our wedding reception. It's me and what I do! I get it honest-- my dad is the same way! My snack is usually a cup of milk/chocolate milk and pop tart, slice of cinnamon toast, cookie, peanut butter sandwich, etc. It's a habit and my day doesn't feel complete without it. Knowing that I cannot keep doing this, I've started switching my snack to a better choice--- low calorie bread, low calorie treat, banana and peanut butter, etc... I'm hoping that I can make a smart choice switch and then eventually, I won't even want it at all...

Another struggle--- giving up my sweet tea for water. I've not had soda/pop/soda pop (whatever ya'll call it!) since January of 2006 (I think?-- Could have been 2005?). When I gave up pop, I drank mostly milk, juice, kool-aid, and water...Not long after is when McD's introduced their sweet tea... I was immediately hooked. I was raised on tea during the summers at home and became attached to McD's quickly. I  stopping every day before/after class to the $1 large...EVERY DAY.... Now it's my only vice and I'm having a hard time letting it go. I drink mostly Crystal Light, water, Powerade or milk at home, but I'm a sucker for a sweet tea at restaurants. Stressful days at work call for a stop through the drive-thru on my way home, and occassionally, it's a "two large sweet teas" kind of day.... I'm working on switching over to more water with meals.

Dinner choices--- My husband works long hours and never knows when he's getting off work until they come and tell him to leave. That only leaves me with 30 minutes notice before he gets home, and sometimes that is 9 or 10 o'clock at night. You can understand why I don't cook often, right? I usually cook us one good meal a week, and make enough to have leftovers. On nights that he is home late, I eat a bowl of cereal, a sandwich, a low calorie microwave dinner, a salad, etc. I have a hard time wanting to cook much of anything for just myself. I'm on the hunt for better choices for dinner for one.

If you have any suggestions--- Please share!  What are your struggles? How do you overcome them?

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Today marks 4 weeks since beginning my lifestyle changes.... This poster says it all!
I am not exaggerating when I say that today is the first day that I honestly felt a true difference in my body. I've noticed little bits changing here and there, but today was the "wow!" day!
I wore capris and a tank to run in and felt confident while running.

Speaking of running... Today, my darling husband had a movie to return almost a mile from our house.... He is sick and asked if I would run it down to the video store.... I said yes and was serious... I ran into town to return it. This was the first run in a week (I try not to push too hard and do a run on a heavy Insanity day, so it had been a week since the last run) so I started out with a .2 mile warm-up. I picked up the pace to a jog/run. After about 1/2 mile, I was quite winded and debated walking for a bit, but I kept going. I took several deep breaths and blew them out quickly to get more oxygen going through my body, and I kept pushing! I ran 2 miles straight-- no stops. When I say 'no-stops' I mean that I even jogged into the video store to put the movie on the counter (with my I-pod playing--w/o headphones! haha) and back out... Most of my run was on level ground, with just a few slight inclines. I ran exactly 2 miles before taking a .2 mile cool-down back to our house. I felt amazing!! I didn't want to stop working out. I continued stretching and doing small exercises all evening. I'm almost addicted to the feeling after a good workout/run now!

I wish our town had better sidewalks in many of the areas. I hate running on the edge of the streets!

Other accomplishments:

On Tuesday, I did the full 10 minute Insanity warm-up with only 1 extra break. I felt so good about it....and then on Wednesday, I did 25 minutes of the workout without any extra breaks. I was moving quite slow sometimes during those 25 minutes, but I didn't stop! It was amazing!

Just like the poster above says, 8 weeks is when friends and family can notice.... in about 4 weeks, my cousin graduates high school so the whole family will be together for his party. We will see if anyone can notice! haha

I think the biggest change that has helped my workouts is that I splurged on new tennis shoes. I spent more on these shoes than I have on any pair before, but they are so worth it! My knees don't ache after working out anymore. I got this pair of Mizunos:


I'm debating what workout I want to do after I finish Insanity in 5 weeks... I've seen where he now has Asylum, but I haven't looked into that one yet. I've also considered training for a half marathon. We'll have to see how much running I get in between now and the beginning of June... A local town has a half marathon in September, but I want to make sure I'm ready before I sign up. There's a big difference between 2 miles and 13 miles!!

I am actually looking forward to bathing suit season this year. I can feel my thighs, abs, love handles, biceps and triceps getting toned and can't wait to show off my Insanity results! I gotta keep digging deeper! 5 more weeks!

Monday, April 23, 2012

This is INSANE!!!!

Ok... I'm 22 days into Insanity..... 41 to go, but who is counting, right?!?!?!

Being three weeks into the nine weeks, I've grown to like this workout...Like---not love--- like. I will say that I like these workouts better than any others that I've tried, but I don't wake up every morning looking forward to and wanting to do the workout... I love the results and the feeling from it...but I don't LOVE to spend 40 minutes in agony and creating a pool of sweat. Anyway!

Here are some likes and dislikes.
What I like:
--- It's fast-paced.... you DEFINITELY don't get bored... The 40ish minutes really do go by quickly. He doesn't waste time being cheesingly motivating or explaining the exercise in great depth. The workout switches daily so you don't get bored!
--- It pushes you! Just when you think you can't possibly do any more, Shaun T. tells you to dig deeper and focus, or you get that break you've been needing. The timing of most workouts is almost perfect!
--- The countdowns- you know the length of time left for the exercise you're doing, how long until a drink break, and how long in the day's workout. It's great. Definitely keeps me motivating and gives me something to look forward to!
--- The stretching- I'm a sucker for pilates and yoga stretches and every workout has about a 8-10 section of deep stretching and slow movements (l.o.v.e  it!)
--- Everyone takes breaks and modifies the workouts on the DVD- The video is not full a perfect athletes that do the entire 40 minute workouts without needing a break/drink or slowing down... they ALL do! Even Shaun T!
--- Quick results--- You've seen the crazy pictures of the results some achieve in 60 days! My husband is already noticing a difference in 3 weeks.
--- Edited to add: The feeling of accomplishment when it's over! I love marking off that day on the calendar and knowing that I've completed!
--- The publicity that it has. Saying, "I workout 40 minutes a day," doesn't get nearly the recognition and sense of pride within myself as saying, "I'm 23 days into Insanity!" and seeing the reaction from the person, who then says "You're doing Insanity!?! I've seen that on TV. It looks tough!" It always strikes up a conversation about the workout, lifestyle changes, fitness, etc. It's great! It pushes me to want to complete it and be able to say, "I finished 63 days of Insanity!" Everyone has seen the info-mercials and been terrified of the workout.... it feels great to be doing it!
--- The calendar- It keeps you on track and doesn't leave you asking "What should I do today? Which of these DVDs in the stack should I do?" You know what you're doing when you wake up that morning and you know roughly how long it will take. No more wondering "Have I done enough jumping jacks? Should I move on to squats now? How many of those should I do?"..... The calendar helps so much!

What I don't like:
--- There's not enough oblique and saddle bag workouts so far. These are my two huge 'trouble zones.' I hope these get hit more in Month 2.
--- I wish there was a heavier background person-- where am I supposed to squeeze my fat roll/love handles into during some of these stretches? Every one is tiny and ripped... I just want to see ONE video with someone who isn't a size 00. Give me a realistic person out there sweating and pushing through like I am!
--- I get SO thirsty! I want to guzzle the whole water bottle during the first water break! One time I let myself drink as much as I needed because I was THAT thirsty....within a 45 minute workout, I finished 2 Powerades....... My belly hurt so badly that I could barely continue the workout.... Learned my lesson!
--- The amount of jumps and push-ups.... These are killers! I know it's part of what is getting the quick results, but I take a lot of breaks during some workouts because these two activities just exhaust me!

I'm pushing through and digging deeper.... I cannot wait to see what Month 2 has in store! I have a full week of "recovery" next week that is filled with core cardio and balance. Looking  forward to it!

Friday, April 20, 2012

If you look cute after your workout...

This is after I re-pinned my bangs... Enough said.

My face will stay that red for a long time.... I don't know if you can see how WET my hair is....but it drips with sweat! My little baby curls form around the edge of my hairline... My bangs never go back into the correct side-sweep position until they are washed and styled again.
I have to plan when I'm going to do my workout around when and where I need to be other places...
This is NOT a morning/before work workout... at least not for me.   (I shower at night.)

I expressed my hate for the amount of sweat Insanity creates.... it messes up my hair washing schedule.... *haha   but I feel so good after I've crossed off another day on the calendar of completion!

I've completed Day 19! Still surviving. I'm feeling some regression in the cardio portion of the workout and it is upsetting me. My flexibility is great and I can tell that I have more endurance, but I don't feel that I last as long during the cardio before I need a short break. Near the end of the first week, I felt great! I could go much longer without a break and could complete many more exercises....but then I started getting sinus congestion and I've slowed down a bit. I hope the allergy season passes soon and I can get back to advancing again!

I've started jogging a day or two a week....about a mile and a half each time. I'm completing the runs without breaks, and I'm pretty proud of it. I can tell that it works totally different muscles in my legs than the insanity does! I just throb when I get home, and I hurt the next day during Insanity.

More about my insanity work out later... I want to update my likes and dislikes of the program....


Please read:

Good Food...

This is what I'm trying to remember and follow. If I keep cookies and sweets around, I eat cookies and sweets. If I keep fruit around, I eat fruit.... This has been a big change for both Cameron and I. He is joining with me to eat healthy and broaden our horizons on food. We are not perfect by any means, but I'm trying to be more concious of what I buy and consume.

We're mixing in more whole grains, fruits/vegetables, foods with lower calories, water, salads, etc.

The biggest thing that I believe in for a healthier way of eating is that you cannot refuse your body from something. If I tell myself that I am 'not allowed' to eat chocolate, I crave chocolate. Instead, I find a smarter chocolate snack and keep only a small supply. Moderation is the key.

By the way---my favorite chocolate snack is:
I don't believe in "diets." I believe in healthier choices, moderation, and lifestyle changes.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

This year, I decided that I was taking my birthday off from work. Cameron thought I was bluffing, but I really did it. I slept in late, stayed in my sweats all day, ate some junk food, watched TV.....
basically--- I did nothing! All day!
When I decided to get some breakfast, I opened the fridge door and reached for the milk when I saw this... 
My first reaction was to laugh and chuckle.... He knows me so well. I start every morning with milk.

Then I went to the silverware drawer to get a spoon and found this....

Again, I laughed and smiled.... a BIG smile...
I texted him and said "Two cards!?!?" 
They were both so sweet. I teared up a little.

A while later when I was finally getting dressed (I told you, I stayed in my sweats all day!), I found this...
I texted him again and said "THREE CARDS?!?!?!"
He wrote back "three indeed."
He told me later that when I wrote the one about there being two cards, he was going to ask which two I had found, but that would give it away that there were really more!

He always finds the sweetest and most truthful cards. The wording is always perfect.

Since my birthday fell on a Monday, my family and I celebrated on Sunday. Cam and I took a gator ride around town and got some ice cream. I actually drove some this time, but I didn't take any pictures.

My family joined me for some Los! We had a great late lunch followed by the gifts! I got a Lia Sophia necklace that my sneaky momma and daddy got me. It's beautiful! They also got me another serving platter to go with a set I'm starting.
My sister and brother-in-law got me some running gear-- lights for running and a belt
to hold my keys and phone.

Cameron got my gift way back in January. I picked some 31 outlet sale items that we ordered and put back for my birthday : )  We also went to see Elton John for both of our birthdays to each other.
Hmmm... that reminds me that I haven't blogged about our concert and ticket fiasco.

I just had to throw in a pic of my rose bushes that have bloomed!

When we moved in, the previous homeowner had 8 stepping stones leading to the front door. They had been ordered from a catalog and had solar lights in them. Only a few had stopped working when we moved in. We must have been really bad luck for these things because all of them were dead within weeks of us living here..... and---- we blew two of them apart with the leaf blower. That's right... blew them apart! One got destroyed last summer and the other one this past Sunday. They were synthetic (or something??) and held moisture, so when the leaf blower got to them, they blew into a million pieces.....

we definitely needed some new ones!
(I spent a long time picking the tiny pieces out of the landscaping rocks! There weren't any solid pieces to pull out of the ground. I had to pick and pull at one inch sized pieces and dust!
The two broken stones were a mess. )

Here is the before...

And here is the after!
For less than $13 and about 3 minutes (for the 6 whole ones... the two broken ones took more time), we have such an updated walkway! It was really easy because I got stones that were the exact same size and just swapped them out! I decided it was time to do it because I had some birthday just seemed like perfect timing after we had blown the 2nd stone apart on Sunday.

I'll leave you with a picture of our nephew and his new trick.
He licks your cheek and says he's giving you "lizard kisses."

Monday, April 16, 2012

Disaster Kit

It seems like here in Indiana, there doesn't seem to be "Tornado Season" anymore.... Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.... They come anytime!  When we moved into our home last year, we were put under a tornado warning within the first week. We didn't have anything prepared and barely knew where things were. We grabbed some flashlights, our mortgage information (we had just moved in!), and some personal necessities and headed to our basement. After the storm had passed and we had time to think about everything, we realized we really needed to be more prepared!

We had the plastic container that our new bedding set came in that we put an old sleeping bag and some pillows in to store down there. I had a heavy duty plastic tote that I set aside as our "storm box." Within it I put candles, flashlights and batteries, socks, work gloves, bottled water and non-perishable food. This year, after some devastating storms, I'm increasing and improving what's in our box.

Let this be a reminder that you should do the same.

In the past year, we got a weather alarm that alerts us when we're under watches/warnings. We also put a tool kit and first aid kit in the basement. Within my research of how to prepare for the season, I learned some new things and ideas.

Besides the typical 'disaster kit' items, here are some things that you might want to consider:
* Instead of using candles, buy glow sticks.
* Always put your phone, keys, wallet, glasses, shoes (and socks) and other personal items next to your bed in a box/container that you could grab quickly.
I'm always paranoid, so I've lived this way (minus the socks) for years. Everything is within an arm's reach of my side of the bed!
* Include extra car keys.
I should really do this anyway! We don't have any sets around here!
* If you don't keep cash in your purse/wallet, keep some in your storm box, but keep smaller bills.
I'm guilty of NEVER having cash these days. This is one that I really need to add!
* Keep medicines/toiletries that you use often with the storm items.
I would need contact solution and Cameron would need his heart medication. I actually didn't have ANY toiletries in our box! --- Include feminine hygiene products. Mother nature doesn't care what week of the month it is! haha
* Include a deck of cards or simple games. If the storms last a while or you have to stay at a shelter, you may want something to do.
* Keep a list of important phone numbers available: family, friends, insurance, utility companies, banks, etc.
* Storms usually come when the weather changes from warm to cold, so make sure you have warmer clothing in your 'safe spot.'
* Keep photos of family members/pets for re-identification purposes.
This is so sad to think about, but something you have to face and realize is possible.
* Copy of health insurance cards and important documents (wills, deeds, titles, stocks and bonds, bank accounts, credit cards, insurance, etc.)
* Throw in an old pair of glasses. An old prescription is better than no glasses at all.
I have nightmares that I'm in a situation where I need help/can't find people and I don't have my glasses or contacts. I need to find my older pair of glasses to throw in. I also included a replacement pair of contacts.
* Dust masks in a disaster kit are suggested.
* If budget allows, extra chargers for phones and other necessities would be great to include.
I also read a great idea: If time allows, record your outgoing voicemail message to include your information and safe spot location.
* Include or store in a bag or container that could be easily transported. A backpack is ideal.
* When meeting with our insurance agent, she has suggested taking an inventory (paper & pencil or video) of the most important things in our home. You could include this in your storm kit, or provide your insurance company with it. Our company keeps it in the safe.
* Try to set a time each year to update your storm box. Make sure flashlights still work, food is not expired, etc.
My birthday falls in the middle of April, so this seems like a good time to remind myself to update!

*When adding food to your kit, here some things to consider:
Recommended foods include:
Ready-to-eat canned meats, fruits, and vegetables.
Canned juice, milk, and soup (if powdered, store extra water).
High-energy foods, such as peanut butter, jelly, crackers, granola bars, and trail mix.
Comfort foods, such as hard candy, sweetened cereals, candy bars, and cookies.
Instant coffee, tea bags.
Foods for infants, elderly persons, or persons on special diets, if necessary.
Compressed food bars. They store well, are lightweight, taste good, and are nutritious.
Trail mix. Available prepackaged, or assemble your own.
Dried foods. They can be nutritious and satisfying, but contain a lot of salt, which promotes thirst.
Freeze-dried foods. They are tasty and lightweight, but will need water for reconstitution.
Instant meals. Cups of noodles or cups of soup are a good addition, although they need water for reconstitution.
Snack-sized canned goods. Good because they generally have pull-top lids or twist-open keys.
Prepackaged beverages. Those in foil packets and foil-lined boxes are suitable because they are tightly sealed and will keep for a long time.

Food options to avoid:

Commercially dehydrated foods. They can require a great deal of water for reconstitution and extra effort in preparation.
Bottled foods. They are generally too heavy and bulky, and break easily.
Meal-sized canned foods. They are usually bulky and heavy.
Whole grains, beans, pasta. Preparation could be complicated under the circumstances of a disaster.

We don't have children, but here's a page of suggestions if you do. The same page also includes info for seniors and disabled.

I hope we never have to rely on these things, but I don't want to regret not having them ready. I put together a lot of things on Sunday and now I need to do a bit of shopping to get the rest. Let me know if you have any other suggestions!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Saturday evening, my cousin was in our highschool's musical, so some of our family went. The musical was really good! The singers were good, the musical was funny, the costumes were amazing.... You could tell that everyone took a lot of pride in it this year.

Have you ever sat beside a 3 year old during a musical?? It's quite comical! Every time the lights came down, he asked "Is it over?" He'd clap with the rest of us, watch intently, and the spotlights and announcer's voice seemed to confuse and amaze him. He'd look around as if wondering "Where is that coming from!?!" Right before the intermission was about to end, my cousin returned to her seat, just in front of my nephew. We had just told Kart that the show was about to begin again, so we needed to be quiet and watch. My cousin was just about to sit down when Kart said "Sit down, please. It's starting." We all started laughing! I think everyone in a 10 foot radius heard him and started laughing as well! For the show to be 3 hours long, he did a very good job. He floated on laps a lot and wanted to go get a drink a few times, but he did really well!

Great job to the whole cast and crew! It was another successful musical!

Friday, April 13, 2012


I have to admit something---- I skipped a full day of working out yesterday. I didn't get my insanity workout in. I came home from work and ran my errands. When I got home, I was so tired that I could barely hold my eyes open, so I laid down for a quick nap before DH got home. Just as I started to fall asleep, my phone rang. Well, then I was up....  and the husband came home and was ready for dinner. I was so tired that he helped me with most of dinner. Immediately after we ate.... I fell asleep! I fell asleep in the recliner without a blanket or anything. I was O-U-T!  I slept from 7ish until after 11! When I woke up after 11, my allergies were a mess. My right eye was so itchy that I was crying! I flushed it out forever, and it STILL hurt, so I decided to just go back to bed. I slept another 10 hours after that! I must have been exhausted!

To make up for my missed day, I'm going to do two today! Wish-Me-Luck! I'm not seeing any real results yet. I took a day 10 photo and compared to day 1. Couldn't tell any differences, really....but I do feel that my pants are fitting better.... and I still have 50 days to go!

*Edited to add:

I survived two in one day! But--- One of them was the "Cardio Recovery" which is all stretching and it's slow. I think it's my favorite of the program, but I'm a sucker for yoga :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 9

I'm surviving! I just completed my ninth day of working out!!! For some reason today, I just wasn't feeling the workout, but I pushed through and finished. I know that I could have worked harder, though.

I started my workouts with a 40 minute Jillian Michaels 'No More Trouble Zones' workout, followed by 6 days of Insanity, a 1.5mile jog, and I just started week 2 of Insanity. The workout calendar has Sundays as the "OFF" days, but I want to fill them with a little bit of something.

According to Run My Route, I got in a little over 1.5 miles...but it took me 13 minutes without any breaks or stops. To be completely honest, I'm not disappointed in that because that was the first jogging day I've had in over a year! I really think Insanity helped because of all the cardio it pushes you through! The area where I run has steep inclines/declines, and it's a nice paved area without traffic where I can do laps.

Wanna know my biggest complaint with Insanity!??! The amount that it makes me sweat!! haha   I've never been able to wash my hair daily, but I have to after these crazy workouts! I hate it! It won't style when it's freshly washed, so I've been wearing lots of pony tails!

I'm noticing some slight changes in the amount of muscle in my legs and I'm gaining back some of my flexibility. I swear I can tell a difference in my mid-section, but maybe I'm just dreaming...??? It's only been one week!

Wish me luck! 8 weeks remaining!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Am I Insane?!?!

Am I insane?!?! I may very well be..... I have started the Insanity workout!

My birthday is later this month and I realized that I'm not even half way between 20 and 30 yet, and I was beginning to be embarrassed by my gut, love handles, triceps and thighs....I was always very fit and thin when I was dancing, but in the past 6 years, the weight has started packing on and my body has started to expand in areas that I didn't like. I was ashamed of how I was starting to look, and I just refuse to follow suit with the mid-west... I was starting to be ashamed of what I saw looking back at me in the mirror.... so, after some serious thought about Insanity...I decided to take the challenge. Many people said I was crazy, told me how hard it was, and acted as if they doubted my spontaneous decision....and I think all of the comments and negativity just made me that much more determined. I've only done 4 days of it so far, but I love it! I'm hoping the excitement keeps up!

I started my crazy workouts with a Jillian Michaels 30 day shred workout on Sunday and then started Insanity on Monday... I'm hoping for major results in the 63 days it takes to complete it, but trying not to set my expectations too high.

I've tried to start watching what I'm eating (although I cannot give up my sweet tea--- it's my only vice!) I'm not doing any crash dieting, or any diet at all really....just trying to be more conscious of what it is I'm eating and putting into my body. I'm going to start adding whole grain breads and pastas into our meals, lower our calorie consumption and make smarter choices in snacks (which is a huge problem for me!). I don't want to refuse myself of anything, because that just makes you crave it more. I'm trying to teach myself more about portion control and healthy choices.

My favorite part of Insanity?!?!?  The scheduled calendar! My biggest problem with working out is deciding what to do in my workout each day. I can never decide and then I don't want to do it, so I don't.  The program comes with a Monday-Sunday 9 week calendar with each day's workout listed... and you have Sunday's off.

The most popular question I've gotten is how long each workout is, and I asked the same thing before I began. The answer is: it varies, depending on which of the 10 workouts you're doing, but it averages about 45 minutes.

Is it hard? You bet! The first day I did it, I wanted to give up about 4 minutes in....and I wasn't even done with the warm-up! I really wanted to throw in the towel and say that I couldn't do was just too hard...... But I knew that I had to at least give it a fair shot..... 45 minutes later, I was dripping in sweat, muscles hurting, face as red as could be....... but I was excited! I had completed my first Insanity work-out! Now don't let me fool you... I didn't do it like Shaun T. does it... I made many modifications for myself and I took several 10-15 second breaks.....but I finished! I couldn't walk or bend or sit or stand without moaning and moving slowly....but I had finished!

The next day, I really didn't want to do it through the pain...but I pushed on and completed the 2nd day...and then the 3rd... and today I've done the 4th!

During the workout, just when I feel beat up and defeated, Shaun T verbally motivates you to push harder and keep going. It's as if he can read my mind! haha   It's so intense and high-powered that you don't want to stop! I watch the countdown clock and tell myself that it's only X-amount of minutes and then I'm done for today, and I will be so happy tomorrow that I did it again today. Just when I think my body can't possibly take ANY more, you get a 30 second break and it's just enough to get my energy level going on.... it's great!

I have never screamed out, or cursed, or grunted through pain during a workout....but I do in this one! I have never sweat so much in my life. When I danced, we had numerous 3 hour dance practices for high-intensity dances, but nothing compares to the sweat from Insanity!!! My wrists are even covered in sweat and I have sweat dripping from my face!

I took 'before' pictures and when I'm proud of what I've accomplished, I will post them with the smokin' hot 'after' pictures! (haha!)  I have a mental goal in my head of what I want to accomplish before we jump on board the baby-makin train....and I hope to get there! (By the way--- we don't have any plans to jump aboard until I have a teaching job....)

I will finish Insanity in early June, and then I hope to start preparing for a 5K with my friend Janelle for later in the summer. I've never been a runner, but have always wanted to be. I'm hoping that all the cardio from Insanity will help prepare me!

Wish me luck in my insane path to getting fit again!