Monday, April 23, 2012

This is INSANE!!!!

Ok... I'm 22 days into Insanity..... 41 to go, but who is counting, right?!?!?!

Being three weeks into the nine weeks, I've grown to like this workout...Like---not love--- like. I will say that I like these workouts better than any others that I've tried, but I don't wake up every morning looking forward to and wanting to do the workout... I love the results and the feeling from it...but I don't LOVE to spend 40 minutes in agony and creating a pool of sweat. Anyway!

Here are some likes and dislikes.
What I like:
--- It's fast-paced.... you DEFINITELY don't get bored... The 40ish minutes really do go by quickly. He doesn't waste time being cheesingly motivating or explaining the exercise in great depth. The workout switches daily so you don't get bored!
--- It pushes you! Just when you think you can't possibly do any more, Shaun T. tells you to dig deeper and focus, or you get that break you've been needing. The timing of most workouts is almost perfect!
--- The countdowns- you know the length of time left for the exercise you're doing, how long until a drink break, and how long in the day's workout. It's great. Definitely keeps me motivating and gives me something to look forward to!
--- The stretching- I'm a sucker for pilates and yoga stretches and every workout has about a 8-10 section of deep stretching and slow movements (l.o.v.e  it!)
--- Everyone takes breaks and modifies the workouts on the DVD- The video is not full a perfect athletes that do the entire 40 minute workouts without needing a break/drink or slowing down... they ALL do! Even Shaun T!
--- Quick results--- You've seen the crazy pictures of the results some achieve in 60 days! My husband is already noticing a difference in 3 weeks.
--- Edited to add: The feeling of accomplishment when it's over! I love marking off that day on the calendar and knowing that I've completed!
--- The publicity that it has. Saying, "I workout 40 minutes a day," doesn't get nearly the recognition and sense of pride within myself as saying, "I'm 23 days into Insanity!" and seeing the reaction from the person, who then says "You're doing Insanity!?! I've seen that on TV. It looks tough!" It always strikes up a conversation about the workout, lifestyle changes, fitness, etc. It's great! It pushes me to want to complete it and be able to say, "I finished 63 days of Insanity!" Everyone has seen the info-mercials and been terrified of the workout.... it feels great to be doing it!
--- The calendar- It keeps you on track and doesn't leave you asking "What should I do today? Which of these DVDs in the stack should I do?" You know what you're doing when you wake up that morning and you know roughly how long it will take. No more wondering "Have I done enough jumping jacks? Should I move on to squats now? How many of those should I do?"..... The calendar helps so much!

What I don't like:
--- There's not enough oblique and saddle bag workouts so far. These are my two huge 'trouble zones.' I hope these get hit more in Month 2.
--- I wish there was a heavier background person-- where am I supposed to squeeze my fat roll/love handles into during some of these stretches? Every one is tiny and ripped... I just want to see ONE video with someone who isn't a size 00. Give me a realistic person out there sweating and pushing through like I am!
--- I get SO thirsty! I want to guzzle the whole water bottle during the first water break! One time I let myself drink as much as I needed because I was THAT thirsty....within a 45 minute workout, I finished 2 Powerades....... My belly hurt so badly that I could barely continue the workout.... Learned my lesson!
--- The amount of jumps and push-ups.... These are killers! I know it's part of what is getting the quick results, but I take a lot of breaks during some workouts because these two activities just exhaust me!

I'm pushing through and digging deeper.... I cannot wait to see what Month 2 has in store! I have a full week of "recovery" next week that is filled with core cardio and balance. Looking  forward to it!

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