Sunday, April 29, 2012


Today marks 4 weeks since beginning my lifestyle changes.... This poster says it all!
I am not exaggerating when I say that today is the first day that I honestly felt a true difference in my body. I've noticed little bits changing here and there, but today was the "wow!" day!
I wore capris and a tank to run in and felt confident while running.

Speaking of running... Today, my darling husband had a movie to return almost a mile from our house.... He is sick and asked if I would run it down to the video store.... I said yes and was serious... I ran into town to return it. This was the first run in a week (I try not to push too hard and do a run on a heavy Insanity day, so it had been a week since the last run) so I started out with a .2 mile warm-up. I picked up the pace to a jog/run. After about 1/2 mile, I was quite winded and debated walking for a bit, but I kept going. I took several deep breaths and blew them out quickly to get more oxygen going through my body, and I kept pushing! I ran 2 miles straight-- no stops. When I say 'no-stops' I mean that I even jogged into the video store to put the movie on the counter (with my I-pod playing--w/o headphones! haha) and back out... Most of my run was on level ground, with just a few slight inclines. I ran exactly 2 miles before taking a .2 mile cool-down back to our house. I felt amazing!! I didn't want to stop working out. I continued stretching and doing small exercises all evening. I'm almost addicted to the feeling after a good workout/run now!

I wish our town had better sidewalks in many of the areas. I hate running on the edge of the streets!

Other accomplishments:

On Tuesday, I did the full 10 minute Insanity warm-up with only 1 extra break. I felt so good about it....and then on Wednesday, I did 25 minutes of the workout without any extra breaks. I was moving quite slow sometimes during those 25 minutes, but I didn't stop! It was amazing!

Just like the poster above says, 8 weeks is when friends and family can notice.... in about 4 weeks, my cousin graduates high school so the whole family will be together for his party. We will see if anyone can notice! haha

I think the biggest change that has helped my workouts is that I splurged on new tennis shoes. I spent more on these shoes than I have on any pair before, but they are so worth it! My knees don't ache after working out anymore. I got this pair of Mizunos:


I'm debating what workout I want to do after I finish Insanity in 5 weeks... I've seen where he now has Asylum, but I haven't looked into that one yet. I've also considered training for a half marathon. We'll have to see how much running I get in between now and the beginning of June... A local town has a half marathon in September, but I want to make sure I'm ready before I sign up. There's a big difference between 2 miles and 13 miles!!

I am actually looking forward to bathing suit season this year. I can feel my thighs, abs, love handles, biceps and triceps getting toned and can't wait to show off my Insanity results! I gotta keep digging deeper! 5 more weeks!

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