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I looked through Pinterest boards for ideas and found so many that I would already have crossed off--- be a main of honor in someone's wedding, buy a home, be in a flash mob, find the perfect wedding dress, see a drive-in movie, play with my love in the rain, fly in a small plane, etc.. I tried not to create a list full of things that I've done, but instead make a list of things to-do. I did keep some that have been accomplished, just because they were big things to cross off the list!

I've started with 101 things and hope to add and expand. Some are common and some may seem random. I also tried to keep things fairly realistic. Making a list of 25 famous people to meet isn't realistic in my book. These all seem pretty attainable. I made my list measurable. I didn't want things that include words such as "better" and "more" but instead create a list of definite goals.

1. Host Christmas for extended family
2. Pay off our mortgage
3. Have someone make me breakfast in bed
4. Have a wardrobe that I like and enjoy wearing
5. Have a walk-in closet
6. Finish the stack of books in my living room
7. Create a Relay for Life team
8. Throw a massive birthday party
9. Host a cocktail party
10. Become a teacher
11. Ride a mechanical bull
12. Bungee Jump
13. Create a popular blog
14. Own my own business
15. Do a boudoir shoot

Health and Fitness
16. Try waterskiing
17. Have 6-pack abs
18. Complete a 5K without stopping to rest
19. Complete a mini-marathon (11/2/12   Indianapolis Monumental  2:19:23)
20. Complete Insanity
21. Climb a 14er with my brother
22. Have perfect teeth
23. Survive one month without chocolate

Bonus: Run a marathon

24. Ride a horse on the beach
25. See a Broadway Play
26. Iceskate in Central Park
27. Visit Hershey Park
28. Drive down Route 66
29. Midnight stroll in Paris
30. Eat pizza in Italy
31. See the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
32. Walk on the Hall of Fame
33. Kiss under the Northern Lights
34. Eat at Gray's Papaya
35. Re-do the Abbey Road Beatles album cover
36. Ride a New York subway
37. Read in a book in Central Park
38. Slow dance under the Eiffel Tower
39. Visit a castle in Ireland
40. See the Grand Canyon
41. Ride a Gondola in Venice
42. Throw a dart at a map and travel there
43. Go on a cruise
44. Jump in a taxi and yell, "Follow that Car!"
45. See the Pyramids
46. Go to the airport and buy a ticket for a random flight
47. Kiss on the beach at sunset
48. Visit the Sistine Chapel
49. Watch the ball drop in Times Square
50. Stand under the Hollywood sign
51. Sleep on the beach
52. Experience Christmas time in New York

Just for Fun
53. See Dave Matthews perform Live
54. See Elton John perform Live
55. See Michael Jackson perform LIVE (pretty sure this isn't happening, but it's been on my list since I was 12)
56. Fly in a helicopter
57. Dine in a revolving restaurant
58. Learn to play the guitar
59. Learn to play Taps on the trumpet
60. Learn one song on the drum set
62. Own something from Tiffany's
63. Dance with my kids in the rain
64. Fly in First Class
65. See Cirque De Soleil
66. Own a pair of Louboutins
67. Put a family cookbook together
68. Name my children after important people
69. Marry my best friend
70. Have my dad walk me down the aisle
71. Design my own home
72. Own a nice camera and learn how to use it
73. Celebrate a Silver Anniversary
74. Celebrate a Golden Anniversary
75. Get out of debt
76. See my children get married
77. Have a paint fight
78. Give a homeless person a gift
79. Be a regular volunteer
80. Attend a Cardinals game

Personal Challenge
81. Take a ballroom dancing lesson
82. Learn to crochet
83. Learn sign language
84. Read the bible
85. Go 30 days without buying any shoes or clothing
86. Own the perfect 'little black dress'
87. Take cute kissing photos in a photo booth
88. Have a child
89. Go Zipline-ing
90. Ride in a hot air balloon
91. Make an item of clothing I can actually wear
92. Go to a taping of the Ellen Degeneres Show
93. Learn how to make pasta from scratch
94. Play in a waterfall
95. Leave for vacation on a whim
96. Change someone's life
97. Belly Dancing Lessons
98. Be in a food fight
99. Enjoy a 'no-budget' shopping spree
100. Spend time teaching my kids to swim

May 1, 2012--- 8/100

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