Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Faults & Imperfections

While watching an episode of a favorite show, I started analyzing my own life. You see, two characters got married after knowing each other only a few days, so they still had a lot of getting to know each other to do. In this one episode, they listed all their faults and made it known what they weren't willing to work on.... and I started thinking about mine.

I make silly mistakes.

I jump to conclusions too quickly.

I am horrible about forgetting to return phone calls, messages or emails.

I have horrible posture.

I am a pack rat.

I have a hard time allowing myself to spend money on unnecessary items.

I can't "color outside the lines" in anything in my life--- I always follow the rules.

I have a weakness for sweet and rich foods.

I haven't read many books.

I get nervous when talking to people.

I don't know how to take a compliment well.

I cannot cook.

I'm emotional.

I worry.

I procrastinate after jumping in too deep in the beginning.

I can be hypocritical.

I can be bossy and overbearing.

I like control.

I get jealous.

I have goals that I've not worked on achieving.

I enjoy McD's sweet tea a little too much.

I hate change.

I can take on too much but my stubbornness won't let me delegate jobs to anyone else.

I hold grudges.

Some of these--- well, I rather enjoy. I like my sweet teas, and my sweet & rich foods...and I honestly kinda like being a pack rat...... But all those other things are unhealthy--- as if tea and sweets aren't! HAHA--- and I need to work on them.. so that is exactly what I'm going to.... I want to be a better person. I want to the woman that other people look up to and admire. The woman that others see as poised and professional, always positive....I need to change some things about my life... for me, for my husband, for my marriage, for my friends, for my family.... and for our future children.

I challenge you to do the same.... maybe not tonight, and maybe not tomorrow..... but when the time is right for you!