Sunday, February 21, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Well, I promised in my new year post that I would keep this blog up to date, and I haven't been doing a very good job.... so here's a post to do some catch up with..... I threw in a post about Valentine's Day, but skipped some stuff before it :)

The Lionettes were honored at a home gome because the squad celebrated its 40th Anniversary. The anniversary was announced during half time and then there was a reception in the library for all former lionettes... It was a really neat experience to see all the people that started the squad! :)
Some great friends and myself took an evening for ourselves in French Lick. We went dancing, played a few dollars in the slots, and enjoyed a nice midnight snack at one of the restaurants in the casino. It was a really fun evening!!!

Karter has an obsession with "boots." He calls any shoe a "boot" and will wear them around the house--- even if they're on the wrong feet ;)

The big winter storm we had brought over 7 inches of snow to our house, but Karter had been under the weather and didn't need to spend time outside....... so--- Aunt Krista brought some inside for him. He now loves to get a bowl out of his toys and walk over to the door, letting you know that he is ready for snow :) He will sit in the floor for a long time, squishing the snow, eating it and making tiny snow balls.....too cute!

Of course, we lost the Superbowl, but I still had to post some pictures... Karter was so cute in his Manning jersey!! And-- I don't think Cam and I looked too bad either! haha

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Well.... Valentine's Day 2010 will be one Cameron and I will never forget.... We had plans Saturday evening to go on a quadruple date with some other couples. We were to have dinner at Applebee's, go watch 'Valentine's Day', and then finish the evening with games at a friend's house. Sunday, we were going to have breakfast from Denny's and then go pick out the tuxedos for our wedding. Well...... our weekend plans quickly changed....

Cameron went to see a movie in French Lick Friday night with a friend. I got a phone call not too long before the late movie was supposed to start and could hear a very pained Cam on the other end of the phone. He said, "Krista, listen." My heart immediately started pounding. He then went on to explain that as they were walking into the theater, he slid on some ice, fell and his knee cap was on the side of his leg *cringe*...... His friend was taking him to get some help. With a degree in Physical Education and being interested enough in sports, he was pretty confident that he didn't feel anything break, tear or pull... and was pretty sure the knee cap just needed put back in place.... Not being familiar with the town, they weren't sure where to go or what to do. They found a police officer who suggested that they just head to the ER in Jasper.... When he got there, it took several workers to get his cramping body out of the vehicle and into a wheelchair. It then took nearly 10 workers to hold his body down while they straightened his leg and pushed his knee cap back into place.... They gave him some pain medicine and took x-rays. The doctor confirmed that nothing was broken, but still suggested he see a knee specialist early in the week to verify.

This whole time, Cameron insisted that I not drive to the hospital because he didn't want me there to see it, and he knew that they would be sending him home, so the hour drive down for me wouldn't be worth it....As hard as it was, I followed his orders and waited impatiently by the phone for every call and text that I received. Around midnight, they released him and he headed to get meds and then home with a leg brace and crutches.

The brace left him very uncomfortable and unable to sleep, so the nights are pretty awful for him....Also, seeing a man his height on crutches is pretty funny ;)

On Saturday, he wanted to go ahead and try joining our friends for dinner, so we did. His legs are so long and with the left leg having to stay straight, he knew he had to sit in the backseat. I wish I would have gotten video of him getting in the car... he had to back in and slide all the way to the other door so that his legs fit! :)

The table they put as at for a group of 8 was in the very back corner of the restaurant, and he definitely caught the attention of the whole restaurant as we walked through. I saw several men and women cringe and shake their heads as he walked by.

He was able to sit at the table (with his leg in an awkward position, and in a place where the waitress thought it was OK to step over it several times???) long enough to make it through dinner, but was ready to get home. We knew that sitting on the edge of his seat for a movie in a crowded theater would not be fun, so we just headed home and watched TV together....

Cam's biggest complaint of the whole event---- 1) he never even got to see his movie! They had already purchased the tickets and then went to kill time, so they still have the tickets and never made it in to see the movie! 2) In the emergency room, the doctor didn't want to mess with getting Cam's jeans off of him, so he cut his jeans to get to his knee... Now I know, this probably isn't a big deal for too many people..... but finding jeans that fit this man is quite a task, so he only has two pair that he really can wear...... after this pair was cut, he now only has 1 :)

This is his knee on Saturday after it had been in the brace and elevated.
It's not as swollen, nor bruised as I was preparing myself for...

His attractive leg brace.

On Friday, while I was in town visiting my former host teacher and class, I stopped to get some Valentine's Day cards and balloons. I found Karter a balloon that was a monkey! When I took it to him on Saturday morning, he played with it like one of those punching bags for kids! haha He would also give the monkey kisses!! It was too cute!

All in all, the weekend turned out pretty good....just not exactly how we had planned! haha.... It will definitely go down in the record books as one strange Valentine's Day weekend :)