Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Finally official enough to announce.....

no, we're not having a baby---     but we DID buy our first home!  So maybe it's not huge news to anyone else, but it's HUGE to us! (Yes---We've kept this pretty quiet because we were afraid of anything that could happen to take it away from us, and of course, the less people you tell your news to, the easier when something bad happens.....) We are so ready to get out of our apartment where we use all of our old college stuff and hand me downs, as well as basically living only in our bedroom...  We got so many awesome wedding gifts, but there were put in storage until we got a house... so now we can finally break them out of their boxes! We are so excited... can you tell?!?!

On top of just "buying a house"..... we bought the PERFECT house! Not to sound like I'm bragging, but it is so perfect for us. It's 3 bedrooms, 1 bath (with all the hookups in the basement for us to add another right away). Basically everything in the house is new within the last 7 years, including roof, furnace, washer & dryer, counter tops and sink, jetted bathtub, carpet, etc. It has a living room in the front of the house, as well as a large dining and family room added in the back of the house which will be perfect for us to entertain. It has a covered carport with shed space as well as a backyard and patio. Everything is so perfect that the only thing we want to change is the color of the walls and maybe add some more landscaping for color  :)

It has had one owner and one owner only since it was built 44 years ago, so we know the home's complete history. That one owner happens to be a family friend for Cam, so the process of buying this home is so meaningful and we are so happy to take possession of such a beautiful and well-kept home.

We signed all the papers this morning and have the keys. 
We hope to move in very soon!

I'll post interior pictures soon, and of course be looking forward to photos of the painting and the moving in process!!!


  1. YAY!!! So excited for you. I remember that excitement of the first home purchase. :) can't wait to see interior pictures.

  2. You may not know me but I know Cam since back in the day, ha! Anyway, I'm Jessica Mattingly and I live about 2 houses down from you guys (same side)...433 is the address...Welcome to the neighborhood, I love it there and it is very quiet and I am sure you guys will see my 2 daughters riding their bikes and me walking behind them, yelling to stay close to the side of the road, LOL!!!


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