Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Moved out, turned 30, new teeth... The adventures of July.

So.... first things first....

Karter started crawling while his dad was here to see it---and we actually got it on home video! He's all over the place and pulling up to things! He sometimes forgets that he can crawl (haha) and he's also really interested in standing and walking around things. I'm sure it won't be TOO long before he takes off on foot!
Also, he's been working for a while on getting some new teeth through and within the last week or so, he's got THREE teeth coming in on the top!

Two weekends ago, I had two weddings to attend. I went to the first wedding and about an hour and a half of the reception "stag" and then I drove over an hour to attend the last couple of hours of the second wedding's reception with Cameron and his family. Of course my camera battery was dead, so I only have pics that I got from my sister at the first wedding and I don't have any of Cameron and myself at the second. Cam's mom decorated for the reception and everything was gorgeous! We stayed to help clean up and that made for a pretty late night, but we had fun!

On the 24th, my Cameron turned 30! He is a counselor at a camp in Kentucky every summer and is ALWAYS gone for his birthday, so we had to do our birthday dinner before he left---at the Great Wall! He decided that he wants his birthday cake later, so I'll post pictures when I make it. I can't believe my fiance is 30! But I think he looks pretty HOT for 30!

While Cam was at camp, my family helped me move out of my last Evansville apartment..... it was a long night of packing the whole place up, but we got it done! While I was gone for a few hours taking a test for school, my amazing family packed the u-haul and did some light cleaning... how great are they!
As for the wedding, our countdown is under 320 days and we have all but one vendor booked. The only thing left is to call the cake lady! This week I heard back from my minister and he is available for our wedding day--and I'm SO excited!! He is the only person that I've ever imagined performing my wedding ceremony.

We now have the church, minister, reception hall, DJ, photographer, caterer, and "florist"---Cam's mom! haha. SO exciting! I'm just ready for everything to fall into place and I know that will come with time :)

Like I said, pictures of Cam's cake are on their way! I'm sure there will also be more pics of Karter soon too!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Meet the Bridal Party

We have the honor of spending our wedding day with some of our closest family members and friends. Here are the twelve adult members of our bridal party!!

Brandon Bauernfeind
Friend of Groom

Kyla Quick
Sister of Bride

Isaac Walls
Friend of Groom

Megan Arvin
Cousin of Bride

Jared Weisheit
Friend of Groom

Erica Seals
Friend of Bride

Keith Knepp
Friend of Groom

Jenny Shelby
Friend of Bride

Richard Smith
Friend of Groom

Samantha Davis
Friend of Bride

Jordan Hewitt
Cousin of Groom

Rita Shake
Friend of Bride

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Photos

Here are the "best of-s" from our family picture "photo shoot" yesterday! Hope we enjoy!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I picked up my ring!

Yesterday, the jewelry store called Cameron just as I was getting into Evansville for class. They were calling to say that my wedding band was in, so of course, I went quickly to pick it up! Cam's ring won't be in until next week, but I'll post pics when we get it.

The wedding band itself has always symbolized love, right from ancient Egyptian times. The ring is placed on the third finger of the left hand because it was believed that one vein from the finger ran straight to the heart.

Tradition states that the wedding ring should be worn at the base of the finger so as to be closer to the heart of the bride; the engagement ring is then placed above the wedding ring.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's Official... we're getting married's official... the church is reserved, the reception hall is booked, and we have the photographer we want for our special day!! Oh, and we bought the wedding rings yesterday!

Here's the link to the photographer we chose:

In completely seriousness, I looked at probably close to 200 or 300 websites for Indiana and Kentucky photographers. Cameron and I knew exactly what we were looking for and had a price range, so when I was referred to Wade and Stephanie Carignan (pronounced Carry-en) after looking through so many websites, we fell in love. They use a photojournalist and artistic style to take the most beautiful wedding photos. They are a husband and wife team based out of Noblesville and I think we will be VERY happy with our decision!

Our church for the wedding is the church where my family has attended for years... I remember being a little girl and imagining myself getting married there, so there was no other option of where to exchange our wedding vows.

Our caterer is a friend/co-worker of my mom and I'm very excited about the deal she's decided to give us! :) We haven't yet decided what to serve, but we're thinking about a couple types of pasta with salad and bread sticks...

Our reception hall was the biggest headache of them all.... We wanted the a local community building, but after numerous un-answered and un-returned phone calls, I learned that the building was booked, so we called another family friend who is in charge of another local \bBuilding and reserved it. At first, I was really nervous about the size difference, but after thinking about it, I think I'm happier with the decision and I think we will have plenty of room. The building, overall, is prettier. The drive will be shorter from the church to the hall (if the back roads are used with proper signs). And---it will be cheaper in the long run. If we used the first building, Cam insisted on renting the big, white parachutes, but they won't be necessary at the second building, so even though the second's rent is higher, we're still saving money!

Yesterday, we were in the mall and decided to go ahead and order our wedding bands....We both decided that because we went with such an elaborate engagement ring, that my wedding band would be simple---just a silver band. Cam went with a darker, titanium band. This sounds silly, but we picked out his 2 months ago, wrote down the code and then went back yesterday to order it. It was out of stock so we didn't get to see it again, and now we can't remember what it looks like, but we think its one of these two. He tried on so many that day that it's hard to remember... I know, that sounds so dumb and silly... but we really can't remember! haha...

so.... we've marked off a few things on the "to-do" list... now, we just need to decide on a DJ and contact the cake lady for the cake.... and we'll pretty well set as far as the vendors. Cam's mom really enjoys making floral arrangements and bouquets, and does a great job, so we're going to work together to pick out the flowers to get all of those made :)

It just seems so crazy that this is all starting to fall into place! :) Be looking for another blog soon that will introduce the bridal party!!!