Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Moved out, turned 30, new teeth... The adventures of July.

So.... first things first....

Karter started crawling while his dad was here to see it---and we actually got it on home video! He's all over the place and pulling up to things! He sometimes forgets that he can crawl (haha) and he's also really interested in standing and walking around things. I'm sure it won't be TOO long before he takes off on foot!
Also, he's been working for a while on getting some new teeth through and within the last week or so, he's got THREE teeth coming in on the top!

Two weekends ago, I had two weddings to attend. I went to the first wedding and about an hour and a half of the reception "stag" and then I drove over an hour to attend the last couple of hours of the second wedding's reception with Cameron and his family. Of course my camera battery was dead, so I only have pics that I got from my sister at the first wedding and I don't have any of Cameron and myself at the second. Cam's mom decorated for the reception and everything was gorgeous! We stayed to help clean up and that made for a pretty late night, but we had fun!

On the 24th, my Cameron turned 30! He is a counselor at a camp in Kentucky every summer and is ALWAYS gone for his birthday, so we had to do our birthday dinner before he left---at the Great Wall! He decided that he wants his birthday cake later, so I'll post pictures when I make it. I can't believe my fiance is 30! But I think he looks pretty HOT for 30!

While Cam was at camp, my family helped me move out of my last Evansville apartment..... it was a long night of packing the whole place up, but we got it done! While I was gone for a few hours taking a test for school, my amazing family packed the u-haul and did some light cleaning... how great are they!
As for the wedding, our countdown is under 320 days and we have all but one vendor booked. The only thing left is to call the cake lady! This week I heard back from my minister and he is available for our wedding day--and I'm SO excited!! He is the only person that I've ever imagined performing my wedding ceremony.

We now have the church, minister, reception hall, DJ, photographer, caterer, and "florist"---Cam's mom! haha. SO exciting! I'm just ready for everything to fall into place and I know that will come with time :)

Like I said, pictures of Cam's cake are on their way! I'm sure there will also be more pics of Karter soon too!

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  1. Enjoy your planning! It'll be here before you know it:)


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