Sunday, May 15, 2011

House Photos

First of all-------- I have been trying for two weeks now to make a new post and our internet has been holding me up. First, it wouldn't load the blogger "new post" template and THEN it completed blocked blogger/blogspot. It finally let me sign back in and I can make posts under the "Old Template" option, so it's taking a little bit longer to upload pictures, but at least it works.... but now I'm DAYS behind in my 50 day challenge and have two weeks worth of catching up to do!

We got the keys!

Our Kitchen

(We just had tile continued to the ceiling to finish out the "shower" after
we had an extra high shower head put in. Many have asked why our tub is so tall---
it's a handicap bathtub that can be walked into and it has jets.)

Front Living Room (We aren't sure what to use this for yet)


This is a large family room on the back of the house where we have our TV, couch, and dining room table.

There are two more bedrooms that we use as an office and Cam's theater room. Also, we have a basement, but it's just used as storage for now. Because we can't decide on how to arrange things and haven't finished buying the new stuff for the house, we only have one room painted. Hopefully this summer, I can get more done around here and finally feel "at home."

So far we love it... We have found a few things about the home that we didn't know or realize prior to purchasing it, but we really do love it! We are so happy to have a home...