Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Home sick...

Today is the first day in almost two years that I've called in sick to work : (  Don't get me wrong... I've taken days off, but today I physically felt too bad to drive there and stay all day. Walking to my alarm clock to turn it off was a task because I was so dizzy from a sinus infection. I made the phone calls and sent the emails that I needed to to get a replacement and have my schedule ready for her, and then I crawled back into bed and slept for another two hours. I went to the doctor after lunch time and got the 'magic shot' and a prescription if I don't feel better tomorrow.

I mentioned in the visit that I was running and had been out last night (felt fine and did a two mile run and 3 mile walk). She suggested I stat taking a daily allergy medicine to help with the ragweed/pollen allergy. I'm hoping this will help too and allow me to keep up with my running schedule. Hoping to feel well enough to do 3 miles tomorrow!

Just a reminder to listen to your body and take care of yourself!
Until next time...

Sunday, August 26, 2012


I've let my shins recover and I'm back to running... FINALLY! I've been at it a week now and I realize how much I really missed it. It's my therapy. my escape. my time.

I'm up to 2.5 miles again. It stinks to know that I was up to 7.5 before I took my break, but I know that starting again gradually with better stretches (before and after) will be better for my body. My brother is dating a professional runner. She runs for Asics and competes in marathons. She's done runs all over the country and finishes as atop runner every time. She runs a crazy 4:00 or something! I hope to meet her soon and learn some stuff from her!

On top of running again, some girlfriends and I are starting an exercise and eating right plan together. For the next 5 weeks we plan to meet 3 nights a week to walk (and TALK!), exercise and discussing our finds of good foods/meals/snacks. The first night we met, we walked 12 miles! It may have been a little overboard/extreme, but boy did it feel we had lots of catching up to do!   After 5 weeks of 3 nights a week, we're going to start Insanity together. We are all in a wedding in June and want to be in better shape before dress fittings and all of that hooplah before December. I'm really looking forward to it and hope to gain some running partners!

As I'm running, I notice a lot of other active people in the community. I really hadn't noticed all of the walkers, runners, and bikers in my little town until I became one of them. It's so nice to be out running and hear a "good day to be outside" from someone I'm meeting or passing.....but as I'm running, I'm noticing a lot of unsafe habits.... so many so that I started to question if I was right or wrote in some of my habits..... (I was right! haha)   

The biggest one I've noticed is the side of the street that people run/walk/bike on. If you're walking or running.... you FACE THE TRAFFIC.  If you're biking you are a vehicle and follow the same rules as a car. You would not BELIEVE how many don't follow this rule. It's scary to watch as a fellow runner and also as a driver!

Safety Rules

The website suggests not wearing headphones/earbuds....but I just play my Ipod out loud without either one. I hold it in my hand--- I know, some people hate doing that, but it doesn't bother me--- and have easy access to skip a song, change the volume as I approach people so that I'm not bothering them, etc. I love running this way!

Someone should ALWAYS know when and where you're running. Cameron knows appoximately what route I run and calls or texts if I'm out later than he had expected. I've also pointed out a couple of houses that I don't feel comfortable about when I run by them because of whistles and 'cat calls'.... I ignore these instead of calling attention to them!

Always run in a populated and well lit area. I have done 2 late evening/night runs and I was nervous the whole time. I hate them!

As the tiny bit of chill fills the air and reminds us that fall is coming, I encourage you to get out and get active.... But no matter what type of exercise you start, please know the safety rules and guidelines. Stay safe.

Until next time...