Getting Fit

On April 1, 2012, I joined the Insanity craze. I saw great results in my body and stamina within my first round! At the same time, I also started making smarter choices in food and I found my passion in running. I began to make some serious lifestyle changes for myself.

Instead of eating fast food and processed food regularly, my husband and I are learning to enjoy more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, salads, etc.

Instead of making daily excuses of why I cannot workout that day, I make it a priority. I put it on the calendar and make time for it. 

Instead of buying high calorie, sweet and/or salty snacks to keep in the house, my husband and I have started eating more fruits, yogurts and low-calorie treats.

Instead of joining a fad diet and refusing my body from certain foods--- chocolate, breads, starches--- whatever it is at the time.... I live in moderation. I know that I cannot eat ice cream every day, but a treat of ice cream occasionally is OK. Moderation is key!

Instead of buying all the gear "to start working out," I started working out and learned what gear that I really need and want.

I'm not making these lifestyle changes while being addicted to the numbers... To be honest, I didn't take a single measurement before I started. I want to know that it's working because of how I feel, not because of what the scale or tape measure says.

I refuse to be another statistic of what is happening to the Midwest's waistlines!

I don't believe in "diets." I believe in healthier choices, moderation, and lifestyle changes.

In November of 2012, I ran my first half marathon. In the following spring, I completed Insanity for the second time and then began training for a full marathon. 

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