Thursday, May 3, 2012


Wow. I cannot believe how easy it is to keep a blog more up-to-date when I have something interesting to write about! haha   I've started blogging several entries at a time and scheduling them to post on a certain day. It's so helpful! I never imagined my personal blog would include so much about fitness and health.... Lifestyle change!

Today is day 32 of Insanity.... Did YOU do that math? I did! I'm more than 1/2 way done! WHOOOO! I cannot believe how much my body is changing! I'm watching (and feeling) my waistline shrink... seeing my clothes fitting better... gaining more stamina in activities... It really is awesome! I cannot wait to see what Month 2 has in store, but I'm quite scared at the same time. I did a sneak peek at a couple of the videos.... Bad mistake! I'm nervous!! It looks much tougher!    But I am DETERMINED to complete it!

This week I am in the "Recovery Week." This is supposed to be a week to let my muscles relax, but instead I'm hitting it hard in the walking/running category. (Counterproductive? Maybe??) Sunday, I jogged the furthest I've ever done in my life--- 2 full miles without a single break! Monday, I jogged another 2 miles, but then walked 9 miles....... NINE MILES! I couldn't believe it. I'm using the "MapMyRun" app on the iPod. It's so neat!! It shows speed, distance, route, etc.   

I'm learning that the feeling after a good walk/jog/workout is almost an addiciton. I now know what people were talking about it. It's such a good feeling and I never want it to end!

Half of those nine miles was with my friend, Amber. We were walking around a local park and got caught in a down pour when we were about 1.5 miles from our cars. We found shelter under a big tree and waited it out.... we were still quite wet, though!

The other half was with my cousin, Megan. I was in town eating dinner with a friend (and her girls) when I got a text from her asking if I wanted to walk. I couldn't turn down exercise with someone. That's the key for me! We walked more around town and got in some good conversation, like normal! : ) It felt so good to see 11 miles completed in one day! My body was sore the next day, but that just means that I worked hard! (I did take Tuesday and Wednesday off from walking/running.)

What I am finding to be most helpful is having accountability partners. Not only do I have a calendar helping me to stay on track with Insanity (and a husband that is so proud of me for every day that I complete), but I also have 3 women that I walk with and 1 that I jog with. It helps me stay motivated and interested (I HATE walking by myself)....and it's a great social time. It's like free therapy sometimes!

If you're having a hard time staying engaged in a workout, ask a friend to join you! Push each other!

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  1. I'll be walking 10-ish miles on Saturday around Jasper at 6 am, if you'd like to join. :)


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