Sunday, May 6, 2012

20 minutes a day

I'll be honest and say that I was one of   'those'  people that used to say that I didn't have time to workout... What a crock! 1440 minutes in a day and I 'didn't have time'...

I'll admit that it's sometimes difficult to schedule a workout, but it IS possible. I've said before that Insanity creates a pool of sweat and it's not something that I want to do before work (I'm a shower at night kind of gal) so it can be difficult to squeeze it in around work, cooking/dinner, family, errands, etc.... but it can be done! I'm making it a priority and making it work. You can do the same! If you are a calendar/planner type of person, write it IN... make a time for it and don't stray away from the schedule. You are important and need to make exercising a priority for you. Don't be afraid to ask family/friends for help if you have little ones. You may need a driver for them to get to practice or your husband may have to start dinner.

Since I've started walking and running as well, fitting everything is can be a challenge, but sometimes I just have to give up a few things to make it work, even if that means a favorite show on TV, or getting all dolled up for a night out. Last night, my family planned to go bowling. (Forgot my camera! I'll have to get some from my mom and my sister.) I got home from running errands and had about 45 minutes before we had to leave for the bowling alley. I know a 2 mile run takes me about 20 minutes (I may not be fast, but I'm lapping everyone sitting on the couch! haha), so that would leave me 25 to shower and get ready. Sounded like a challenge, and I was up for it. Much to my surprise...I fit it in! Didn't get my hair fixed like I normally would have or my make-up perfect, but I fit it all in! I used 20 minutes to get in a workout!

Make time for you! Yesterday, you said you'd start tomorrow. Get started!

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