Monday, May 7, 2012

OMG...Month 2 Day 1

OMG is exactly how I would discribe the Max Interval Circuit in Month 2...(haha...the slang kids use these days cracks me up!) I don't mean to discourage anyone from trying Insanity....but today was the closest I've come to up...throwing in the towel....and saying it's just too hard......

The Max Interval Circuit is almost an hour long.... yes, an HOUR! I saw that 59:00+ come up on the clock and wanted to turn it off right away.... I'll be honest with ya... it sucks! No more sugar coating it... It sucks! It flat out sucks! : )   I took numerous breaks... had more sweat than I knew what to do with....aching muscles (arms and butt were on FIRE!) name it, it hurt... (and I'm suffering from sore shins from my new running schedule... as well as a sore ankle from a bad step I took on Thursday)

But... I completed Max Interval Circuit!  

Insanity is starting to kick my boo-tay!  But I cannot be a failure.. I've been so public with this challenge and made a promise to myself that I would complete it... I cannot give up NOW! I only have 27 days left!  I'm staying determined and dedicated to this challenge... Today was hard, but I cannot fail.....I would fail just because I gave up! It's not going to happen! 

This same workout is done 5 more times, and it's the longest of any in month 2. The others range from 55 minutes down to 33 minutes. If I survived an hour today, I can survive the rest of month 2...

Wish me luck!

***Edited to add: I woke up the morning after Day 1- Month 2 with a whole new level of soreness. The Taebo-like punches that are added into the Max Interval Circuit have my back really sore....but sore is good. It means that I worked something!

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