Wednesday, May 2, 2012


On Pinterest, I saw an idea a while back for putting $1 in a jar for each workout that you complete.... This is working so well for me!  I keep the jar right next to where I workout and I even keep a few dollars next to it. (When I break a bigger bill, I stock up on the ones so that I don't have to drop in an IOU.) I look forward to completing my workout and dropping my dollar into the jar. I know roughly how much is in there, but not exactly.

I add $1 for each workout I do, not for each day that I do it. If I fit two into one day (a run and Insanity), I pay myself $2. I hope to buy myself some new workout clothes with the money when it gets to about $100. Now that I'm active, I know what kind of gear I want, but just need the money to get it.

Maybe this is an idea for an incentive that will work for you! It sure works for me. I've never enjoyed putting money in a jar so much before! 

If you're looking for motivation, rewarding yourself with fatty or sugary foods after a good workout is not a good choice.

I've had to fight this same thing with my husband. He craves Blizzards from DQ and is always wanting to go get one. He often says, "You worked hard today. You deserve a Blizzard."
I really have to fight the urge to agree!

What's your motivation? What's your reward?

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