Thursday, May 10, 2012

When the dog bites...when the bee stings...

Here are some of my favorite things that I cannot live without...

Salon Grafix Shaping Hair Spray
This is from Wal-Mart and I think it's $4-5 (fits into a part-time teacher, full-time wife budget!)
I've been an Aqua Net girl for years, but used a few sprays of this at mom's house and it was added to my shopping list that day! This spray helps my bangs stay in place and helps hold flyaways back, but still allows movement.
Love it! Smells amazing!!!!

Remember I said that I try not to wash my hair every day?
This is a product (again, from Wal-Mart for $4-5) that helps me go longer without washing....
Don't judge me--- my goal used to be 3 days between washes.....before Insanity.  (I said don't JUDGE! Quit thinking about how gross you think that is! haha) Once my hair is straightened the styled, it looks better as time goes on.... I hate washing it every day.

I have looked all over for shorts that I like running in. I wasn't having any luck. Shorts that are long and baggy are so uncomfortable for me... ones that are tight ride up my large thighs.... one that have build in briefs do not even interest me... I don't like ones with big seems between the legs..... So after trying on probably 20 pair of shorts in the past 2 weeks, I found these... Swimsuit cover-up shorts from TARGET! (Don't you just love that store!) They were about $15 and come in 4 colors. I got this color (totally 80s, right?) and black. I wore them on my run Saturday and really liked them. They are short enough to still give my legs some sun, but not so short that the people in town will see more than they paid for. I really like them!!!

Fuel Belt Speed Runner's Waistpack
This was a gift from my sister and I love it. It holds my keys, phone, chapstick, some money and some tissues. It fits snuggly on my back (That's where I prefer it..some prefer it in the front??) and doesn't bounce around when I run.
Love, Love, Love!

OP Racerback Tanks from Walmart
These are $4 a piece in the store and come in a variety of color and pattern. (I only wear the solid color.) I was running in the Mossimo long and lean tanks from Target until I realized that the tank top had normal straps in the back, so I was getting 4 horrible tan lines across my back. These tanks aren't as soft, but they don't give me any problems. I really like that the racerback lines up perfectly with my sports bra. No extra lines.

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