Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm back--- with lots of pics

So, I had to take a break from blogging. Last semester's workload consumed my life, but I'm back.... What did I miss?? Jenny moved back, Spring break, my 21st b-day, Karter and all of his new adventures, finals, my notice for student teaching, and probably a lot more--- but that's the major stuff.....
Jenny-Jenny-fer-fer moved back home this spring, so ofcourse we all had to get together a couple of times....... I spent spring break babysitting Karter..... My 21st birthday was spent at BWW and the casino (I wont $15!!!).... Finals went great and I'm maintaining at 3.95 GPA.... I found out that I'm student teaching in a first grade class at Jasper (that was my first pick so I am SO excited!!)...... and now, Karter------ he's learned all kinds of new things... he's eating baby food and a little bit of table food, he loves to stand and "walk", but wants nothing to do with crawling, he smiles, squeals and laughs ALL THE TIME..... he's just adorable....

Here's some pics from the months that I've missed
The friends that made it to the casino


On my Birthday

Also, we came into a great opportunity to buy some furniture for our future home. Everything is solid wood and in GREAT condition! So it was bought for us now as a wedding present, but we don't have a place together yet and won't for a while, so its being stored and not used until closer to the wedding :(

Here are some pics.

I hope to keep my blog more up to date from now on, as we venture closer to student teaching, graduation, the new apartment/house we hope to get, and ofcourse the wedding.....