Wednesday, January 14, 2009

School's back in session...

So school started back up this week, and to be quite honest.... I'm overwhelmed. I'm enrolled in 18 credit hours with semester and I have 9 this summer. Little did I know when I enrolled in these classes that 5 of the 6 for this semester involve observation and tutoring times, 4 of which are outside of class time. I'm starting to wonder when I'm going to be sleeping, or eating.... or working! I have classes M-R at odd times throughout the days, plus I have to fit observations in with these. How is it all going to fit in??

Besides being overwhelmed with how its all going to fit in, my first few days of class have gone pretty well. I like all my professors this semester and think that I will finally learn stuff in class that will be beneficial to me, and help me with the Praxis II. Speaking of which--- I'm beginning to freak out about.

With this being my last real semester of class before I student teach this fall, I'm just beginning to freak out and get completely nervous!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ring in the New Year

For New Year's Eve, Cameron and I went to a friend's house and had just a small party. We played games, watched TV, played pool, ATE, and just waited for midnight to arrive. As always, we also watched the ball drop to properly ring in 2009. The party was perfect, except our good friend Jenny wasn't there :( We really wish she could have come in from Colorado to be with us, but maybe next year. :) I started to realize how old I must be getting because staying up until midnight was almost a challenge for me this year! haha... I started to wonder how long it will be until I really dont even care if I'm up for midnight anymore... haha
New Years Day, Cam and I made the trip up to Bloomington. For Christmas, he bought me a Simon Mall gift card so that I could buy clothes and shoes for my student teaching this fall. With the after Christmas sales, we wanted to start shopping now. Well, I spent $5 on a really cute pair of high-waisted black dress pants. I really like them! We also found a unity candle we both liked--and it was cheap, so we bought it that day, too. That means we have postage stamps, some flowers (for bouquets), champagne glasses and the unity candle set! We're slowly, but surely buying the small pieces for the wedding. Hopefully we'll continue to buy (and use coupons!) for the wedding.
After a few hours of shopping and trying stuff on, we headed over to the theater. We watched the nearly three hour "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." Let me just say this--- that is a GREAT movie! I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who's recently gone through a loss of a loved one, because there's a lot of loss and heartache in the movie, but the movie is such an inspiration. With every scene, all I could think about is how I want to improve my life, and what I want to work on for 2009. Here are my "New Year's Resolutions."
1. Become a better Christian
2. Exercise more often
3. Become a better eater, possibly by learning to cook better (haha)
4. Improve my attitude to be more positive- about everything and everyone
5. Dance more
I'll end this blog with the sentence that kept me thinking the whole way home from Bloomington. At the end of the movie that night, most of the theater was crying (even the men). When the lights started to come on, a man sitting behind us said to the people he was with, in reference to the movie, "Don't wait until it's gone to realize what you had."