Thursday, August 8, 2013

What is going on?!?!

Hidy Ho everyone. I've been neglecting this baby again... I know, I know. That's awful. I got a new computer and I've been getting adjusted with the new program as well as not having any pictures on this computer..... and in the mean time, the blog fell to the bottom on the to-do list....

Do you feel like you hear that about 4 times a year??? Because I feel like I sure do write it a lot..... but maybe my new reminders that I can set up on the computer can help me!

Ok... so anyway, I was going through my blog and checking to see how things look when I realized that my embedded pins from pinterest ARE GONE... There's broken links needless to say, I got very discouraged because I didn't know what happened or what to do, so again... the blog got neglected because it was broken. Sad day. (It's like the toys that got broken and pushed to the bottom of the toy box. Pathetic.... Reminds me of Wheezy from Toy Story : (

BUT... I found this: Oh So Pinteresting!

Apparently when Pinterest changed its look.... it screwed up all of my pins! ugh! So now comes the task of fixing them all.... Oh the challenge!

Anyway... I hope this finds you all doing well and enjoying the "Back to School" season!
Until Next Time...