Thursday, July 12, 2012

Update on Exercise

Ok.... I'm going to be completely honest. I had to stop Insanity with 5 days left. I fully intend to finish. The reason that I stopped?

Shin Splints.

Ever had them? They hurt! In the middle of Insanity is when I started running....and fell in love with running.... but running doesn't love me. My ankles roll inward (pronation) and I get severe shin splints after long runs. While doing Insanity, I ended up in tears two different work outs because my shins hurt so badly. I first thought it was from doing the workout on carpet (my only option), but the shin splints stayed even after I stopped doing the workout as a trial....but I was still running. In June, I got up to running 7.5 miles without breaks and I did so in 1 hour and 14 minutes. I was so proud of myself.....but boy did my legs hurt!
I also completed my first 5K on June 16, and got 2nd place for my age group---- 32 overall, I think! haha That run left me in the most pain from shin splints.Getting out of bed in the mornings and just walking around my house caused me so much pain. After much research and taping my shins for runs/walks, I had to back off of the running for 2 weeks to let them rest and recover.

I've been running again for a week and I'm taking things slower this time. When I first started running, I jumped from 1-2-3-5-7.5 miles in about 6 weeks, and I just think that I did too much too fast.... so I'm going to ease into more for the sake of my legs. I'm pretty bummed that this injury (and the HORRIBLE heat) have set me back... I just don't feel confident to run in the half marathon over Labor Day weekend. It's 6 weeks away and I just think it would be foolish to push my body again to make it, after I've already had one injury. Now that I hopefully have my shin splints under control, I intend to finish my 5 days and start the cycle over again. It will be a great fall and winter exercise. (Running in winter gear doesn't interest me. I feel constricted in pants and long sleeves during a run.)

Besides the shin splints, I'm loving running! It's a free stress reliever and a free form of entertainment. These long summer hours have my sleep pattern messed up though because I can walk or run later, which means I get a shower later, and get to bed later.... but it's part of summer : )

I'm still trying to eat right--- lots of fruits, salads, and water. We are limiting the junk brought into our house, but all of these summer BBQs and fairs are making it difficult. Having willpower against cookies, cakes, hot dogs, chips and ice cream is difficult! How do you all stay focused to eat right during the summer?

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