Sunday, July 22, 2012

Decorating on a tight budget

Because I still don't have a full-time teaching career yet, Cam and I have to watch our money pretty closely, so I didn't have a lot to spend on decorations for our new house.... but I tried to make do with what I could find on my budget. Here's a glimpse of how I've made it 'homey' with very little money spent.

Forrest Gump is one of our favorite movies, and my husband is a nut for movie posters, so I allowed (yes, I actually used that word. I am not a fan of movie poster in the pretty part of the house) this one in the living room. The treasure box I won at a party, the finial I got from my MIL when we she was having a yard sale and the placemat that is covering up a sticker DH put on his surround-sound speaker in college that I don't think everyone in my house needs to see... yeah, that was on clearance for $1 at Wal-Mart last year.

A-Z bookends were free at Kohl's with Kohl's cash and I turn my books around to make a more neutral decor rather than all the distracting colors of the spines.

Lemons are from Target that I bought with a GC, flowers are Dollar Tree, easel is $3 from Gordman's, serving tray was a gift and the Vera napkin was a gift

Candlesticks were yard sale finds were $1 a piece, frame was on clearance at Wal-Mart with the zebra candle ($2), and the glitter candles were on clearance after Christmas at Michael's ($3 a piece I think)

Another finial from MIL, vase on clearance after Christmas at Michael's (I think it was about $5), flowers on clearance at Wal-mart for $3 and the biscuit jar was a gift from my grandma

Faux Anthropologie T that I made with a cardboard T from Hobby Lobby and paint, free printable subway art in a Dollar Tree frame that I've had for years

Another serving tray and napkin that I got as gifts, pitcher from a yard sale and the starfruits were from MIL

potholders were a wedding gift--- they are just for pretty.... we have dirty ones in the drawer that we actually use--- and the quilt piece was made by my aunt and I used a frame I've had for years

Frame is from Wal-Mart clearance (have you caught on to the fact that Wal-Mart in my area had a huge clearance last summer and I got tons of stuff right when we moved in! I got a ton of frames were $2-$4) The cross was $1 at Goodwill.

Remnant I got for less than $2 (and I love the raggedy edges... I know, some probably think it's tacky, but I like it)... candles I got as gifts and the candle tray was $2 at Goodwill

Place was bought for $8 at Gordman's and then I used my Cricut to make the T... Easel from Dollar Tree

Scott Mutter poster was a gift

Hammered metal frame from Wal-Mart clearance ($4 I think??)

Professionally framed Scott Mutter than I scored at Goodwill for $6.... yes, you read that correctly... SIX DOLLARS!

basket is from our wedding, candles from Wal-Mart clearance, tiger is a family keepsake of Cam's, towels and clock were wedding gifts, T finger tip towel was on clearance after Christmas for 2/$1, shower curtain was $12 as Gordman's... the orange frame sneaking into the pic in the bottom right was also from Wal-Mart clearance last year

What do you think? Have you found some amazing things for your home decor at Goodwill? Share them with me in the comments!           I will post more of the small details from inside our house soon!

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