Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Keeping things simple.... In the kitchen

I hate cluttered cabinets...hate them! When we got our new house, I promised myself that I would keep the kitchen 'clutter-free.' It's not always clean and tidy.... we have mail layin' around and such, but I try to keep the 'kitchen stuff' limited.

I got this Vera tin when Cam got me an apron as a gift a while back. I use it keep my pretty dish rags in (that I oxi-clean to keep bright!). I love having a clean dish rag within an arm's reach. I added an extra lemon from the vase I have on display. I think it adds a sweet little touch.

The things we use most often. These sit on a ledge above my sink. (yes, my ring was off. I had been painting when I took these pics)

Double spoon rest--- LOVE IT... and all black utensils sit on my counter...

so that people don't see the chaos of THIS... a mismatch of colors, styles and quality

leftover containers are organized in $1 plastic bins. Each bin has a variety of sizes and shapes,
but should have both the lid and container, so that it's easy to find.

My toaster doesn't sit out. It's right inside the door and only comes out when it needs to be out. I've read that there should be no more than 3 appliance on the counter at one time, including a microwave. We only keep two out. Our microwave has it's own little counter area, and then we keep the coffee maker for Cam in another corner. I like to keep my countertops clear of eye sores.

How do you simplify your kitchen? Any space saving tips or tricks? Any suggestions?

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