Tuesday, June 26, 2012


When we bought our house, it had professionally installed landscaping--- that was well groomed and maintained--- but was not as flowery and colorful as I want..... so, I invested in a few more flowering plants, and after about half of them died and I bought a few more plants that didn't live.... I still have some that are alive.... If you know me, you know that me and plants don't get along. I kill everything!

Ok... check out this HUGE rose bush in front of our window. I hate that thing. I spent forever trimming it in the spring, and got several bleeding cuts and scrapes from it. It has wild thorns and is a 'you know what!' I really want to rip it out and replace it with a place to sit, but it's not in the cards yet.... so check out how much I cut it back this week!

You couldn't even tell there were two other bushes in the before pic could ya???
Did you go back and check?? If not, do it! There are two bushes hiding to the sides of that rose bush! It was massive and just got huge in about two months....
This is the pile to be hauled off!!!  I dominated that thing!
It is covered in bees and June beetles all the time, and blocks my hose spicket.... and now...
it's tiny! I love it!!!

Anywho... here are my LIVING flowers!

 Ok... now it's time to vent.... See our patio table.... yeah, see it? You're not supposed to be able to! I bought that cover and put it on about six weeks ago ( I know--- wrong season. Most people are UNCOVERING tables and that's when I put mine on... I know, I know... weird.) .... well, with the tiny bit of wind we've had, the corners of my chairs tore holes in six spots until they all connected and made this HUGE hole. I'm so mad! Not that it's a huge expense, but it took a long time to find a cover for a 6 person table... you wouldn't think it was that hard, but that's why I just got a cover--- I couldn't find one last season!

Now I need some advice. Refer back to the very top picture:
Last fall, Cam and I painted our shutters a charcoal gray. We have to paint our front doors (long story, but we have to paint them).... I'm thinking about painting the inside door a gray that compliments the shutters.... now, the storm door--- do I make it black again, or do I paint it white??? opinions?? Ideas???

I would REALLY like a black inside door and white storm door....what do ya think?
Too much for our little house?
I know the black would be hot... but it would be SO pretty with a white vinyl decal on it! And we do have hopes of adding a roof to our stoop soon.....
Comment with your ideas and opinions, please!

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