Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Water...Water... Everywhere

The word 'water' in this house is starting to be a 'bad word.' Since we moved in a little over a year ago, we have had water:

- leaking from behind the fridge (hole in a tube for the ice maker/water dispenser)
- dripping from the stairwell ceiling, but a contractor couldn't find a single hole or weak spot on the roof
- shooting out of the sides of our toilet from a broken seal....and we have a high-efficiency/powerful toilet, so water SHOT out at a high rate of speed! haha
- leaking out of a broken water line in our front yard..... THAT wasn't expensive at all!

and most recently....
- soaked into our carpet from a hole in a hose for our shower, which also soaked boards and insulation behind our access panel. We have no idea how long it had been leaking, but we guess about a week or two.
Can you see the wet carpet? The darkest area was soaked, and then the damp carpet stretched out about two feet from the wall. Several days of fans, bleach water for the mold, coffee and baking soda to take away the musty smell, and lots of airing out....we are finally back to normal.

I am so sick of the phrase, "Love, there's water _________"

I'm also sick of having to take showers at other places..... which we've had to do for two separate occassions now!

What's ironic is that we have all these water leaks INSIDE the house, but can't get a drop of rain outside!
Cam and I had been out for a gator ride and came home to this.... It had been so long since we had seen it that I had to take a picture! He laughed of course!!! Luckily, the previous owner put in soaker house in the landscaping, so we turn it on several times a week and our flowers/bushes look great!

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