Sunday, June 17, 2012

Busy Busy Busy....

Cameron and I have been super busy for about two weeks now. I didn't even touch my computer for more than a week. I have internet on my phone, so I was able to keep up on everyone else, but I wasn't about to  blog from it, so I couldn't keep this up-to-date. 

I have a ton to catch up on, and I promise to do so soon!

To blog about:
Kyle's Graduation
Memorial Day
Exercise-- Treadmill, 5K, 7.5 miles, tanlines, shins, Insanity
Eating right on vacation
Baby Emma (I'm NOT pregnant!)
Family Reunion
Water leak
Summer ideas
Children's Museum

See... I have it all organized... I'm not a total slacker! haha     I just need to get it all written! Actually, I need to get pics uploaded so that I can make my blogs more interesting and not all writing. I've been using my phone more and more as my camera and I'm having problems getting the pics uploaded.

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