Monday, October 1, 2012

My PURSE-onality

One of the first times my husband and I went out, he explained that he thought a woman's purse told a lot about her..... I quickly went through in my head everything that was in mine (making sure he wouldn't see anything he shouldn't on one of the first dates) and asked if he wanted to see in mine... He asked if I thought that was weird, and I told him no. I was curious to see what he thought. I handed over my purse. Based on what I had, he said he assumed I was always prepared for anything..... I laughed. How true. I see that as a fancy way of saying "pack rat"..... which I definitely am!!!

I'm going to spill out and spell out what is in my everyday purse... if you're a blogger, I encourage you to do the same....lets see what viewers think! Haha does a purse really give insight to a personality???   Could that be called your PURSE-onality??? hahahahahah...

In my everyday purse:

Want to know something funny?? I am such a worrier that I keep my phone with me at all times, so it's not even in this photo! It was on my desk where I had been sitting instead of in my purse. I also keep my keys in a special spot at the house, so they're not in the photo either. The notebook that I've been carrying with me was on my desk as well... I'm a note-taker : )

Ok... Ready to get some of this explained??
The piece of folded up paper in the bottom left?? My list of phone numbers in case my phone dies or kicks the bucket and I need to call a number that I don't have memorized. (Worry much?)
The pile of papers in the bottom right?? Just part of the trash that was in the bottom of my purse. I left most of it out of the photo so it wouldn't scare you!
The breast cancer ribbon pouch? My camera case. Yes, I have it with me at all times.
The tic-tac case without labels? Extra bobby pins.
The spray bottle? It's a product called Muscle Mist. It's like BioFreeze in a spray form. A-MA-ZIIING!
The two tubes? Hydrocortizone cream and an after-bite stick... Bugs are still out after all.
The baby powder? I often have recess duty or gym class at work so I like to keep powder to refresh during the day. Janitors probably think I do cocaine or something from the traces of powder I leave behind! haha
The black pack with writing all over it? This adorable little pack of toothpicks from Bennett's BBQ in Pigeon Forge.
The blue pack with stuff sticking out? That's my version of a wallet. I absolutely hate carrying a wallet (did it for years and have never once regretted giving it up) so this is where I carry cards, my license and cash. (And yes, that is a former birth control case that I use to hold it all. Reuse!)
The pill case? I keep a different medicine in each compartment--- acid reducer, ibuprofen, tums, etc. I also have a pack of allergy medicine at the top of the pic.
There's also some cough drops, mints, chapstick, tissues, germ-x, hygiene products, sunglasses (Big Lots $3.. Love my big sunglasses!), loose change, pens, wet ones, snacks, and lipstick (Mary Kay- Sheer Blush). I also always have my glasses and contact case....just in case a contact decides to rip or something! Ya know, always the worrier. Always prepared. I'm not one to reapply makeup or brush my hair throughout the day. I'm low maintenance in that way.

All of that smaller stuff goes in my Vera Bradley pouch at the top of the picture to help keep my purse neat and tidy, and things easy to find. It also helps when time to switch's all already together.
I scored the Vera for $3 at the outlet sale a few years back. I have many of the accessories in this print as well as a purse.

My current purse was found at a yard sale for $1. I absolutely love it and have no idea where it originated. Wish I did.

In high school and college, I switched my purse often... sometimes every day...but not now. I still have about 50 purses I estimate, but I use one for several weeks or months before switching now.

On any given day, you might find a pair of flip flops, a bottle of water, a whistle, toy cars/planes (nephew), a jacket, and a notebook in my purse. 

***Edited to add: I actually just took a little quiz online and this is what it told me:

You're always putting other people's needs before your own. It's not that you intentionally became a Martyr, it's just somewhere between work, your social life, and everything else, you sort of ran out of time for yourself. Though you may joke about the sleep deprivation turning your brain to mush, truth is you're a force of nature that is both respected and wise.

Purse-onality: Credible, capable and selfless but sometimes too proud to ask for the help you deserve.
Your Purse: You most likely carry an overstuffed bag that's got everything from antacids to deodorant in it.

Please share. What's your PURSE-onality?

Until Next Time...


  1. You're brave, and wouldn't want to see the mess that I pack around in mine. My notebook even hangs out the top and it won't zip. :)

  2. Haha. This was pretty clean. There are many days that it's awful... Like I said in the post, sometimes I even have shoes or jackets in mine and very rarely is zipped! (especially when the notebook I carry is in it!) haha

    You should do a clean out and then post.... Post the necessities you must have with you.


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