Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lovin' Sunday- Oct. 7

Ack! I almost missed getting this blog in on Sunday!

Today, I'm loving:

Medical staff and teams that helped several people I know through difficult times this week. Fighting babies, infections being treated, healthy births....  Miracles happen!

The new UnderArmour shirt I scored at TJMaxx for 50% off...

You may be wondering why I put the men's version of the shirt...... well, ya see... after I wore it (and loved it) I found out that the tag actually said "men's".... It was in the women's department and it's an amazing shirt, so I really don't care who it was made for! It's a cold weather shirt, so it's extra thick.... amazing!  I also scored an awesome new sports bra (Avia) for $13... seamless but supportive!

Brad Paisley's new song:

 It may be about Tennessee, but the lyrics are great and apply to so many small southern areas.... I love this song!

Dave's new song:
The style is one of those songs that just makes me sit and do nothing...just listen... and hold back tears. It's beautiful. Can't wait to get the CD.

The lazy Sunday I had with Cameron and the time I got to spend with family on Friday and Saturday. We kept our nephew Friday night and just had a lazy evening due to the rain and cold! Saturday I spent the day with my momma, sister and nephew shopping and spent very little money--- yay!

Stores are putting out their holiday sections... I'm probably 4-5 weeks away from putting my tree and decorations up and that really excites me. I do not try to take the meaning away from Thanksgiving, but decorating is such a job and we have some early holiday celebrations, so I like to put my stuff up early.....

Last but not least.......... I'm loving that I ran ten miles today. Ten... T-E-N... double digits darlin'!!!! The big race is in 4 weeks and I feel pretty confident about it. I'm having some foot problems but I'm hoping it's a glitch and will go away on its own.... let's hope!

Until Next Time..

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