Monday, October 8, 2012

Strong Marriage

So .... so far, I've not written much about my 'true love story'... My darling husband is not one to put information out for others and definitely not one to 'kiss and tell'      but.... I love our marriage, I love our story, I love us.... and I think it should be shared.

I fell in love.... in True Love...(That's our last name.) Ok, cheesy. But so totally cute, right???
Do we have the perfect marriage? No.
Do we fight? Just like everyone else.
But do we have a marriage built on the correct principles?  I think so : )

Marriage is difficult, but it shouldn't feel like a job.
I've shared before how much I like Sex and the City. Well, in the first movie, Samantha is talking about how long it's been since she's been happy with her boyfriend. They ask Charlotte how often she feels happy in her marriage with Harry and she says "Every day. Not all day, every day, but every day."
That's how it should be, isn't it?
You should marry someone that makes you happy....

Cam makes me happy every day. He sends sweet texts, leaves messages on the mirror, picks up a tea for me just because he knows that I want one, offers to make arrangements for dinner, kisses me before he leaves for work every morning even though I'm still in bed (I love this one!)... Does he do stuff that irks my tater?? Most definitely! (Don't all men?!?) But I'm happy. He makes me happy.

I know, we've only been married two years and don't have any kids yet...I know a lot can change, but I think we built our relationship on what was important from that start. We've been through a lot in six years... but we've survived all the hardships and came out stronger on top.

We have our struggles, mostly with money--- just because there isn't enough to go around! haha  And we've had to learn to adjust to each other's imperfections and faults.

What I love about our marriage is the amount of laughter we share...whether it's a movie that always makes us laugh, one of Cam's goofy stunts or Cam's laugh at my attempt to be funny.... we are always laughing around here. I love that.

What I love about our marriage is that we are each other's best friends. When something happens, we can't wait to tell the other one. We lean on each other when times are tough. We love sharing a new experience with each other.... We tell each other secrets.

What I love about our marriage is the amount of respect we have for each other and the honesty we keep between us, from the beginning of our relationship. Plain and Simple.

What I love about our marriage is the amount of time we take for ourselves... doing what we want to do with who we want to do it with... If he wants to go to the movies with his friend, we schedule it in and he goes. (but he always checks the date with me first! He's so good about that) If I want to go shopping with my mom, I go. We are not glued at the hip 24 hours a day. What we do works into the schedule of the other one, but our lives don't revolve around the other one's schedule. I think these marriages where they are attached at the hip are unhealthy. We all need space! 

I love that we make time to get out of the house. We never have money for a date, but sometimes we'll just go on a walk, a night walking around a historice local town and hotel, or a gator ride. We need time out of this house with each other.

I love that we meet the other one at the door when they get home. It's just a quick kiss and hello and then we give the other one space to relax and unwind.

I love that we talk...we dream, we discuss, we share. Cam's not as expressive as I am...
but he knows how to listen.

On Pinterest (how often DO I reference this amazing site?!?! If you're not on it--- join.) there have been pins floating around for tons of strong marriage tips... here are some of my favorite sites:

(Check out the weekly Qs. I want to start this!)

What do you and your spouse do to make a strong marriage?? Share your tips and suggestions!

Until Next Time..

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