Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just a thought

Hey ya.ll.... I'm going to get on my soapbox today.

I've been to several weddings in the last two years and by several, I mean at least 10 or 12.... at these weddings, I find my attention drawing to people other than the bride and groom....why you ask??? Because I am so distracted by some of the outfits some of these girls are wearing to weddings. What are they thinking?!?! Maybe I'm just old fashioned or too reserved, but I dont see a wedding as a time to show off my butt and boobs body! Is it just me???

I see so many young ladies in what I would call hootchie tight, short, lowcut..... again, is it just me that finds this out of line for a wedding????? I have such a difficult time dressing for weddings because I take so much into consideration. Is it too white? Is it too short? Is it too dark for a daytime wedding???? Does the print call too much attention to me??

I just dont see a wedding as a time to wear an outfit that can also double as an outfit for the club. I mean, really! A teeny tiny leopard dress and red heels?!?! No.... just not appropriate for a wedding and reception. Websites like The Knot have these 'cheat sheets' of what the different labels of guest attire are--- formal, semi-formal, dressy casual, black tie, etc.... no where on them does it say short dress, wild prints, and hootchie mama outfits are acceptable...(Fact--- Semi-Formal used to call "Sunday Best." Pretty sure a leopard dress and red heels is not acceptable at Sunday morning church!) It actually lists how long hem lines should be, colors that are acceptable and suggests no plunging necklines and prints that would outdo the bride or groom. Can I get an Amen?!?! What happened to class and etiquette?!?! I just old fashioned??? A wedding is a romantic occassion celebrating the love between two people.....not a night out on the strip in vegas. Since when did the two merge??? Feel free to express your opinion in the comments below.

ok... stepping down now.
Until Next Time.....

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