Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lovin' Sunday X 3

Hey Hey Hey! (Did you read that with your Fat Albert voice?? You should have! ha)   It's been a few weeks between Lovin' Sunday posts and I apologize for that. I explained that I took some time away from the computer, and then I got so busy celebrating a special birthday that I missed blogging last Sunday, so I'm just going to do a huge post for today!

These weeks I've been L.O.V.I.N.G:

1) That Karter Man turned four! It doesn't seem possible!

2) Anything Luke Bryan
A very good friend and I are hoping to go see him in February!  I'm all pumped and have been listening to all his music like crazy!

3) The Colors!
I snapped these pictures through the car windows a day or two before wind blew most of them down.

4) All the Christmas stuff:
horrible picture, but you get the point...

5)  Flying my pink proudly! Cameron took it down for a few days during the playoffs to put up the Cards flag, but mine is back out!

6) The worst part of our roof is done!

These are pictures of the decking that was rotted.
The top picture looks like it had been burned, but it was just that black from rot!

7) The 5K my sister and I ran on a brand new interstate that will be opening in our area soon. I roped her into it at the last minute : )

It was so cold, but running on that smooth road was amazing!

Until Next Time.

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