Friday, October 5, 2012

Christmas..... Getting my Lists Ready.

As if ya'll didn't already know I was crazy based on me wanting to put up fall decor in July and August.... here's another one for ya... I'm getting ready for my Christmas shopping. When you're on a tight budget like we are, you gotta start early and buy when you can. And yes, I'm craving Christmas decorations right now... they're making their way to the shelves in stores and I'm just dieing to put my tree up..........

My key to good holiday shopping..... lists! When I think of an idea for someone, I write it down...I keep a notebook with ideas for everyone and as I purchase an item, I mark it down with its cost. That way, when I find something else, I know whether it really fits in the budget or not based on what was already spent for him or her. I usually start in mid-September, but wasn't focused on it yet, so I'm just now getting ready!

Last year, I used a school folder for my holiday organizer, but it was just a bit too big. It got bent in my purse and was a hassle when shopping in places like the mall where I usually just take a hipster purse.... so I'm downsizing this year.

On top of my shopping lists, I make lists of events I have to take food to, what items I'm looking for for my holiday decor, ideas for stocking stuffers, to-do lists, --- and I take Cameron's movie inventory and list of 'wants' to add to the collection. It helps when I find a good day on Black Friday or something.

This pictures are from last year's folder..
I always bring coupons that I have....

I sort with envelopes.
I usually help do the buying for my grandma so I like to keep her money separate from mine, of course.

The folder.
Always include a pen so you can write down a purchase or idea right away.

To make our lists accessible for my parents (my mom starts early too!) I created Amazon wish lists for both of us. When we are on a site where an item can be purchased, all I have to do it hit my "Amazon" button on the toolbar, add to the correct list, change quantity or color and it's done. My mom can then go to the list, know exactly what brand, color, size, etc. and purchase the item. It's so simple. My brother creates a Pinterest board... that might work for you too.

 This year I'm torn on what to use to hold my paper lists and 'junk' for the season... the folder was just so big, but it held all of my full size sheets of paper. I was thinking of using my thirty-one fold-n-go organizer, but everything would have to be folded and then it would get bulky and be less convenient... I also bought a mini binder this year that I thought would be perfect, but it's an inch think and wouldn't be easy to take mall shopping either...

I've seen where women use all their scrapbook stuff to convert a composition notebook or file folders to a planner and that just screams 'mess!' to me. I don't want something that is going to fall apart in my purse or spill all its contents in the middle of a Wal-Mart on Black Friday. No thank you. I want to know it's organized and durable.    I'm trying to get it all sorted out, but nevertheless.... my lists have been started for the year!

How do you sort and organize your shopping lists and holiday season??

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