Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Our Story

So how did our "True Love Story" begin??

In the fall of 2005, Cameron was helping his mom decorate for a close friend's wedding. (His mom has created beautiful receptions for dozens of couples.) She had asked three of us girls from school to help her. At the reception hall, he and I talked, got to know one another (he had gone to school with my sister) and he says I flirted..... (I'm sure I did! haha)   Later in the night, I suggested that we meet up some time, but he informed me that he had a girlfriend and she probably wouldn't like that. He actually talked about setting me up with his roommate, but I had an interest in someone else at the time. At the reception, he pointed out his girlfriend...blah blah blah....I figured I'd never see him again.

Fast forward seven months almost to the day..... I checked my MySpace inbox and I had a message from him. We began emailing back and forth, which led to calls, which led to meeting and hanging out, which to led to meals/dates..... He was honest about a troubled past and what his plans were for the future....and I was honest about my choice of abstinence until marriage. We both understood what the near future was going to be like and began a very honest and open relationship. We had some difficult times in the first few years, especially with me moving to college, him having open heart surgery (heart condition), and interference from other people.... but we maintained respect, honesty, loyalty and love.

After 2 years of dating, he proposed to me in the perfect way--- just the two of us in the room where we first met.... that reception hall... Isn't that the sweetest thing?!?!? He said, "That's the second time I've watched you walk into this room... and the first time you changed my life." I'll never forget those words. They were perfect!

Two years later, we married on an unbelievably hot day in June in front of our family and friends. We pledged our love for each other and made promises we will forever keep.

We were the Trueloves. And so began our True Love story....

For the next 11 months, we lived in a tiny townhouse apartment with his roommate. (He was keeping the apartment once we bought a house, but we were having problems finding one so we could move out.) After 11 months of living like college kids, we were able to buy our beautiful home, unpack our wedding gifts and start our real life together.

We continue to build a marriage of honesty, loyalty, trust, respect and love. I love being married to him and couldn't imagine my life any other way.

Until Next Time..

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