Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just a Thought

Can I vent for just a minute?? yes? Ok, thanks.

Around here, some of our McDonald's drive thrus have two lanes... Do ya'll know what I'm talking about? Ok... It's not two lanes all the way around the building, it's one lane that becomes a Y to two menu boards and speakers and then comes back together for one lane of windows. Anyway..... The one that I frequent (happens to be very close to where I work and I'm a sweet tea addict) has it set up like this. It actually has paint on the ground where the two lanes start.... but do people follow these??? no. of course not. Cars are always cutting the line and driving to the other lane before it's their turn to decide "lane 1" or "lane 2".

Side note: You know we all play that little game of trying to stereotype based on what we can see about what kind of order they're going to have and which lane will be faster. It's like that airport scene with George Clooney in "Up in the Air." Soccer mom vans with a couple of car seats mean orders with happy meals (lots of options to specify during the order) and she probably won't have her money ready...that just equals-- time consuming.

Anyway... back to what I was saying... I was once waiting in a VERY long line... I was about the fifth car back from where the line Ys when a car that was two behind me (7th in line!) cut the line and went up to the other side of the y--- therefore blocking the parking lot for people trying to drive around the building. I hope you can picture what I'm saying. It irked my tater and honked me off! If we all did that, what kind of a mess would the parking lot be in all the time?!?!

Ok... Just a thought... Why do people see situations like this as a time for 'special treatment'??!?!? There are rules, guidelines and procedures for a reason!   ugh.... again, am I just old fashioned?!?! I was brought up with respect and good manners... cutting line is not my thing!

Until next time...


  1. UGH, I HATE the two lane drive thrus!! Too many people just DON'T get it, and I have to believe that they mess up orders all the time because becuase cut each other off. Seems like an accident waiting to happen.
    My similar pet peeve is when two lanes merge, and people will ride the shoulder to cut to the front of the line instead of waiting their turn like everyone else. People not knowing how to take turns is EXACTLY why those are always backed up. I'm the type to wait in line politely in those situations, and my husband it the type who cuts around to the front. It drives me INSANE and I am so embarrassed when he does it!

  2. I hate the cutters! It's the same when there's construction and traffic is told for a mile or so to merge and then there are the people that drive in that line as long as possible and make people let them in. I REFUSE and so does my husband. It makes me so frustrated when people let them in. They should have to sit and wait. We should ban together! haha


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