Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting... Nov. 21

I hope you're not sick of my Christmas pins yet because "they've only just begun!"

*****Unfortunately, due to a new format, previous pins will no longer appear*****

So I've covered all my favorite pins for the big trees...but what about the mantle?!? It needs some tree love too!!

Source: via Krista on Pinterest

Source: via Krista on Pinterest

Happy Crafting!
Until Next Time..


  1. I think I have a cupcake stand... that would be a great little tree for me to try... except that the ornaments might bounce off as we walk through the house?

    I'll work on it.

  2. Have you seen the one that's a tree made out of books? I love that one.

  3. Sally- Did you try the cupcake stand? I'm interested to know how it worked.

    Erin-- I love the one made out of books too. I just don't have enough old books to do it with.


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