Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thoughts... Arrogance?

I pinned this the other day...

I pinned it with the tagline "Guilty.. I've talked about my half a lot" or something like that...

And I couldn't help but wonder... (I love that line from Carrie Bradshaw)... Why are athletes/runners seen as arrogant when telling about their achievements?? People tell when they're pregnant or when their child has a milestone, graduates tell when they have finished college and approached the job market, we all share new jobs or promotions, couples announce engagements... HECK! Fishers tell when they've caught the big one!...And these achievements are embraced with love and encouragement... excitement and why on earth do runners seem arrogant for sharing an achievement like running 13 or 26 miles?!? We train for it. It's a part of our lives for a great amount of time....and it's a huge milestone, so why are we not allowed to talk about it just as other people talk about things going on in their lives?? I don't understand this stigma we get. Running is a part of life, just as is someone's job, parenthood or education.

Hey guess what.... I'm Krista and I ran a half-marathon. There. Ha.

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