Sunday, November 25, 2012


If you're like us.... you've shopped about as much as you can in a weekend, eaten as much filling food as possible and sorted through glitter covered ornaments till your heart is content.... What a great weekend!

We had somewhat of a rollercoaster week with my grandma. Her health went from excellent to down right awful back to excellent all in about 5 days.... There was a time where we didn't know if we would be able to sign her out of the nursing home (there for rehab) to come to dinner, but she improved so much that we were.... God is Good! Our prayers were answered.

Grandma may have gotten to come to Turkey Day, but Cam didn't... he got a sudden round of the stomach bug or food poisoning and was down and out for a few days... Thursday was packed with food, food and more food..... and some great family time!

My Cousin's baby....
I could play with her all day.
We had her laughing so loudly that the whole room was listening.
She melts my heart.

Love her!

Friday was filled with shopping... but we aren't the crazy BF shoppers. We start at like 9:00 AM when all the crazies are heading home to sleep :)  (Sorry to all you crazies... no offense intended)   We shop for a few hours, break for a LONG lunch, shop for a few more, break for a snack, shop for a few more and then break for a LONG dinner... It's a girl's day more than a shopping day... but we do get some stuff done...

Saturday, I helped my mom do some online shopping for a my brother and Cam... After a crazy time with Amazon, she placed a huge order and marked a bunch of things off her list... yay! We also ran to see grandma (She is doing AWESOME! They have her a med to increase her appetite and it is really helping!) and hit up Wal-Mart to get a few more things purchased....

Sunday has been lazy... a blog revamp, some mild laundry and cleaning... a nap, dinner and IU basketball.... I want to hang some wreaths outside, but with Cam still tired from his awful Thanksgiving, I didn't ask him to help today... It will get done : )

I hope your long weekend was as good as ours... This coming week is going to feel so long!
Until Next Time..

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