Thursday, November 1, 2012


Last week, I blogged about all the 'stuff' I'm keeping because of the memories it all reminds me of..... Last night, while watching the evening news, the reality of the east's devastation set in...... the pain... the agony... the heartache.

I watched families on the news digging through rubble of Superstorm Sandy trying to find anything they could take with them. Family photos waterlogged and ruined... Heirlooms destroyed.... And for some, all of their belongings, turned to ash.

I got the most emotional when watching a woman that had lived in her home for 34 years before losing it and 110 other homes in her neighborhood due to that devastating fire that broke out. While walking around what is left of her home that now stands about 2 feet tall and is nothing but ash, the search for something to take with her became contagious. When the news anchor found only a portion of a plate in the piles of ash, the homeowner became more than emotional.

A plate. She was thankful and grateful to have a piece of a plate to take with her. A plate she didn't even like.

Watch the Story

I cannot imagine.

Having nothing more than the clothes on my back and only a fraction of a plate.
Unimaginable...... Now, I cannot help but continue to think about why we keep boxes and boxes of momentos....

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and in the days to come--- my heart goes out to all of those affected.

With a heavy heart...

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