Monday, November 19, 2012

Date Night

Every couple needs a date night out occassionally, no matter how low the bank account....
One of mine and Cam's favorite things to do is walk around a resort/casino in a town that's not too far away. The walking and looking is free, and we never gamble more than a couple of dollars, if we gamble at all.

This past weekend, we went to a town with a resort/hotel to see their holiday decorations... gorgeous!
We stopped for a pizza dinner first, and only spent $20 with four slices and a breadstick left over.
One place has a forty-foot tree on top of a nine foot platform.
The other has numerous trees, lights, swags, light posts, garlands, etc... it was all beautiful!
Definitely puts ya in the Christmas spirit.

If this didn't put ya in the Christmas mood, then throw on some Michael Buble's Christmas music, light some cinnamon candles, warm up some cocoa and... I don't know what else. These pictures should have done it for ya. If it didn't... well, I just don't know... *haha

Until Next Time...

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