Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 06 - A picture of a person you’d love to trade places with for a day.

A picture of a person you’d love to trade places with for a day.

After about a week of thinking on this one.... I finally made a decision. I'm not sure it's the 'best decision,' but I finally made one. I went through my options of being a musician, cook, rich business owner, Oprah, etc..... but nothing seemed right.... So...It may sound really corny, but I would trade places with Carrie Bradshaw for a day. I know, I know... she's not a "real person" but I just love her freedom of fashion, personality, wittiness, and especially her outlook on life and love. She always has the best way to say what you've been thinking...
“Do we need distance to get close?”

“When men attempt bold gestures, generally it's considered romantic. When women do it, it's often considered desperate or psycho.”

“When it comes to life and love, why do we believe our worst reviews?”

“I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet.”

“Maybe men and women aren't from different planets as pop culture would have us believe. Maybe we live a lot closer to each other. Perhaps, dare I even say it, in the same zip code.”

“Every once in awhile, a girl has to indulge herself.”


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