Sunday, February 21, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Well, I promised in my new year post that I would keep this blog up to date, and I haven't been doing a very good job.... so here's a post to do some catch up with..... I threw in a post about Valentine's Day, but skipped some stuff before it :)

The Lionettes were honored at a home gome because the squad celebrated its 40th Anniversary. The anniversary was announced during half time and then there was a reception in the library for all former lionettes... It was a really neat experience to see all the people that started the squad! :)
Some great friends and myself took an evening for ourselves in French Lick. We went dancing, played a few dollars in the slots, and enjoyed a nice midnight snack at one of the restaurants in the casino. It was a really fun evening!!!

Karter has an obsession with "boots." He calls any shoe a "boot" and will wear them around the house--- even if they're on the wrong feet ;)

The big winter storm we had brought over 7 inches of snow to our house, but Karter had been under the weather and didn't need to spend time outside....... so--- Aunt Krista brought some inside for him. He now loves to get a bowl out of his toys and walk over to the door, letting you know that he is ready for snow :) He will sit in the floor for a long time, squishing the snow, eating it and making tiny snow balls.....too cute!

Of course, we lost the Superbowl, but I still had to post some pictures... Karter was so cute in his Manning jersey!! And-- I don't think Cam and I looked too bad either! haha

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