Friday, April 20, 2012

If you look cute after your workout...

This is after I re-pinned my bangs... Enough said.

My face will stay that red for a long time.... I don't know if you can see how WET my hair is....but it drips with sweat! My little baby curls form around the edge of my hairline... My bangs never go back into the correct side-sweep position until they are washed and styled again.
I have to plan when I'm going to do my workout around when and where I need to be other places...
This is NOT a morning/before work workout... at least not for me.   (I shower at night.)

I expressed my hate for the amount of sweat Insanity creates.... it messes up my hair washing schedule.... *haha   but I feel so good after I've crossed off another day on the calendar of completion!

I've completed Day 19! Still surviving. I'm feeling some regression in the cardio portion of the workout and it is upsetting me. My flexibility is great and I can tell that I have more endurance, but I don't feel that I last as long during the cardio before I need a short break. Near the end of the first week, I felt great! I could go much longer without a break and could complete many more exercises....but then I started getting sinus congestion and I've slowed down a bit. I hope the allergy season passes soon and I can get back to advancing again!

I've started jogging a day or two a week....about a mile and a half each time. I'm completing the runs without breaks, and I'm pretty proud of it. I can tell that it works totally different muscles in my legs than the insanity does! I just throb when I get home, and I hurt the next day during Insanity.

More about my insanity work out later... I want to update my likes and dislikes of the program....


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