Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

This year, I decided that I was taking my birthday off from work. Cameron thought I was bluffing, but I really did it. I slept in late, stayed in my sweats all day, ate some junk food, watched TV.....
basically--- I did nothing! All day!
When I decided to get some breakfast, I opened the fridge door and reached for the milk when I saw this... 
My first reaction was to laugh and chuckle.... He knows me so well. I start every morning with milk.

Then I went to the silverware drawer to get a spoon and found this....

Again, I laughed and smiled.... a BIG smile...
I texted him and said "Two cards!?!?" 
They were both so sweet. I teared up a little.

A while later when I was finally getting dressed (I told you, I stayed in my sweats all day!), I found this...
I texted him again and said "THREE CARDS?!?!?!"
He wrote back "three indeed."
He told me later that when I wrote the one about there being two cards, he was going to ask which two I had found, but that would give it away that there were really more!

He always finds the sweetest and most truthful cards. The wording is always perfect.

Since my birthday fell on a Monday, my family and I celebrated on Sunday. Cam and I took a gator ride around town and got some ice cream. I actually drove some this time, but I didn't take any pictures.

My family joined me for some Los! We had a great late lunch followed by the gifts! I got a Lia Sophia necklace that my sneaky momma and daddy got me. It's beautiful! They also got me another serving platter to go with a set I'm starting.
My sister and brother-in-law got me some running gear-- lights for running and a belt
to hold my keys and phone.

Cameron got my gift way back in January. I picked some 31 outlet sale items that we ordered and put back for my birthday : )  We also went to see Elton John for both of our birthdays to each other.
Hmmm... that reminds me that I haven't blogged about our concert and ticket fiasco.

I just had to throw in a pic of my rose bushes that have bloomed!

When we moved in, the previous homeowner had 8 stepping stones leading to the front door. They had been ordered from a catalog and had solar lights in them. Only a few had stopped working when we moved in. We must have been really bad luck for these things because all of them were dead within weeks of us living here..... and---- we blew two of them apart with the leaf blower. That's right... blew them apart! One got destroyed last summer and the other one this past Sunday. They were synthetic (or something??) and held moisture, so when the leaf blower got to them, they blew into a million pieces.....

we definitely needed some new ones!
(I spent a long time picking the tiny pieces out of the landscaping rocks! There weren't any solid pieces to pull out of the ground. I had to pick and pull at one inch sized pieces and dust!
The two broken stones were a mess. )

Here is the before...

And here is the after!
For less than $13 and about 3 minutes (for the 6 whole ones... the two broken ones took more time), we have such an updated walkway! It was really easy because I got stones that were the exact same size and just swapped them out! I decided it was time to do it because I had some birthday just seemed like perfect timing after we had blown the 2nd stone apart on Sunday.

I'll leave you with a picture of our nephew and his new trick.
He licks your cheek and says he's giving you "lizard kisses."

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