Sunday, April 15, 2012


Saturday evening, my cousin was in our highschool's musical, so some of our family went. The musical was really good! The singers were good, the musical was funny, the costumes were amazing.... You could tell that everyone took a lot of pride in it this year.

Have you ever sat beside a 3 year old during a musical?? It's quite comical! Every time the lights came down, he asked "Is it over?" He'd clap with the rest of us, watch intently, and the spotlights and announcer's voice seemed to confuse and amaze him. He'd look around as if wondering "Where is that coming from!?!" Right before the intermission was about to end, my cousin returned to her seat, just in front of my nephew. We had just told Kart that the show was about to begin again, so we needed to be quiet and watch. My cousin was just about to sit down when Kart said "Sit down, please. It's starting." We all started laughing! I think everyone in a 10 foot radius heard him and started laughing as well! For the show to be 3 hours long, he did a very good job. He floated on laps a lot and wanted to go get a drink a few times, but he did really well!

Great job to the whole cast and crew! It was another successful musical!

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