Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How Pinteresting....

I know. I know. I know... I've not done a Pinterest post in let's see....months??? Big fat FAIL for me! I really have no excuse--- I'm more addicted than before! I have a smart phone with the app so I'm on it CONSTANTLY! I'm at 4000 pins and I have 365 followers...yup, addicted.

Hello. My name is Krista and I am a Pinterest addict. *Fellow addicts reply* Hi, Krista.

So after all this time, I had a hard time deciding just WHAT to pin... food, crafts, party ideas, those "why did I not think of that" ideas...... well... you're going to get a hodge podge of all the stuff I pin! I really want to say the CRAP that I pin, but it's too useful to be called 'crap' : )

First of all.... Does this not make your heart swoon!??! I just imagine this is a beautiful bridal luncheon with pages from old love stories.... LOVE THIS! And what a CHEAP idea... Buy a book for a dollar and a stick of glue.. DONE!

Tried this....pretty genious.
It's that time again... Time to whack the hair off and donate it. Thinking of this style...whatcha think?
I'm on the fence about doing it now vs. next year because I have a wedding I'm in in less than 10 months and my hair grows slowly. I would like to have an up-do but still wouldn't have much hair.

LOVE this website for running stuff.
If you're a runner, want to be a runner or just want some fitness ideas, check out this site!

This pic basically sums up the upcoming party we're hosting.

 So tell me... Are you all as addicted as me??  What pins are you loving lately???

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