Thursday, September 27, 2012

Just a Thought

Hello again....I've been seeing stuff on Pinterest that are both so true and go hand-in-hand.

First, I believe it was Audrey Hepburn that said, "Happy girls are the prettiest." Boy, isn't that true! Positive and bubbly girls are so fun to be around. I'm sure you're like me and know that one girl (and maybe even have a little 'girl crush' on her---- don't lie or pretend... you know you have one on some girl you know....) hahaha... anyway, where was I... You have that one girl that everyone just loves to be around....the sweet and fun girl... the girl that always knows what to say... the girl that is so poised and positive. Is she not just beautiful in your head?? BEAUTIFUL, right??    Now, what about the Downer you know?? Uh-huh.... you don't picture her in the same way do ya?? Happy girls are just pretty....

Now... There's also a pin that says....

"Just because I laugh a lot doesn't mean that my life is easy. Just because I have a smile on my face doesn't mean that something isn't bothering me...."    Ooo. Heavy.

We immediately associate, as a society, that a smile and laughter signify happiness and bliss. It doesn't mean that life is perfect. Remember the post I did about judging a book by its cover??
Is pushing the negativity away something we can do forever? Well no. Don't we all have breaking points?? But wearing a smile and pushing through a hardship is definitely something that is possible. Finding the good in the situation, having faith in something larger than yourself, remembering that good things come from those who wait, finding the good in every situation and believing that something better is on its way are some things that I try to remember.... Am I perfect at staying positive?? Absolutely NOT! My recent post about what felt like Friday the 13th around here is evidence, but it's something that we can try to achieve often.... On the same note, don't judge the book by its cover....there's a lot more going on in a person's life than what can be viewed from the outside.

Just a thought....
Until Next Time...

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